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Hiya! I'm Adelaide (Addy for short). SHAR is one of my favourite games and I've enjoyed learning to mod it over the years, not to mention the community and their mods!
Discord: Addy#2892

Just one favourite vehicle

Ol' reliable famil_v.
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Flaming Pastry Commune Created by Mochapoke Last played on August 29th, 2022
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Luigi Raceway Created by The Hell Inspector Last played on June 17th, 2022
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    No Vanilla Street Race Props
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  • Addy replied to Custom map files and saving data? How are Vending Machines and Crates "saved"?
    I'm not sure on the specifies, I recall hearing at one point that the game has hardcode that defines how many Buzz Cola Crates/Vending Machines in a region can be tracked in the save data, which probably ties in to the P3D data chunk names. I guess any additional props of that nature just don't count. Certain non-Buzz Cola props have flags in the save data too (such as the Lemonade Stand), and that's probably a similar thing but hardcoded a bit differently.
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    The Ghost Sedan
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  • Addy replied to Bart's Halloween Caper
    Hey Addy, dunno if you've encountered this, but every time I start to control the RC car the mod crashes no matter what. I'll update you if I can figure out what's going on.
    Sol Scorcher

    Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good. I myself haven't encountered it, and I haven't been reported this issue by anyone else. Nonetheless it bears investigating. Something that would help a lot with regards to that is if you could upload and link a crash dump here on the forum. Make sure "Save Crash Dump" is enabled in the launcher's settings and then repeat the steps that lead up to the crash. After it crashes, open "Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Crashes" and find the .DMP file with the most recent timestamp as it's filename. If you could upload that to a file hosting website and then share a link here, I can get the crash dump to Lucas, who can hopefully understand from it roughly what the issue is, and then I can go off of that. Thanks.
  • Addy replied to Bart's Halloween Caper
    Thanks, everyone! This is a follow-up post where I'll answer some questions (answers in spoiler blocks, click to open) and provide some more information.

    Btw, which is the original voice before the Ferrari – Black stops the car on Mission 6?
    Those voices are pre-existing sound clips from The Simpsons Game, just at a higher pitch.

    Why I can't enter any vehicles during mission 2 and 4?
    Those missions (well, all of Mission 4 and part of Mission 2) are designed and intended to be played without driving a vehicle.

    One thing I didn't understand was what am I supposed to "avoid" during the part where Bart had to collect the cola crate? I just kept failing the mission as I walked over to collect it.
    Sol Scorcher
    The idea in that stage is that you avoid getting too close to the Kwik-E-Mart (the fail trigger covers the glassy area and extends to the parking spaces in front of it, and the idea is that you could get caught taking the cola by Apu, since the truck was delivering it there), but on reflection I can see that it would've been better to clarify in the mod somehow what "detection" meant. I'll make sure I do that.

    I've become aware of a couple of things I'd like to improve/fix up (for example, the cola crate stage being a bit vague, and card quotes still showing), so soon enough I'll update the mod to improve these things and more. It'll be a soft update, though, so I won't bump the thread.
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    Bart's Halloween Caper
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    Homer - Chad
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  • Addy replied to Game crashes
    Currently no hack supports having more than one, though it is definitely a good idea.

    As I understand it, the game can only have one free vehicle spawn trigger active *at once*. You can have multiple per level, but you'd need to not put them in the TERRA file and instead use dyna-loaded region files. Even doing that only one region can have a free vehicle at once so that region needs to be unloaded before any others will work.
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    Drivable Couch
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