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I am Ashley, age 25, born on 2nd October 1995 from my home island, the Isle of Wight, south of the UK. My best interests are video games and hot girls. I'm also a huge fan of anthropomorphic animals, especially Krystal the blue human-like vixen from Nintendo's Star Fox game series, and I have always dreamed of being able to talk and interact with her as a pure human I am. The avatar you see here on my profile page is indeed myself. I come from a few other websites too, like DeviantArt and Jigsaw Planet.
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    Try restarting your computer into the BIOS settings and change Action Keys Mode to Disabled
    If it already is disabled then I'm not sure why this is happening.

    That's what I tried to do as well, but all I got instead was the "System Information" screen, and that obviously isn't the right one I was looking for. How am I supposed to access this menu seen in the photo here, anyway?

    ...Or is there not at least some alternative method for finding and disabling the F keys' actions?
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    Oh and also (if I hadn't missed), restore the two unused character models intended to act as pedestrians - the Halloween male child and Agnes Skinner herself. I'd like to see them appear, and even kick them around, too! :D
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    Oh by the way, Level 1's skybox (mountains, forests and daylight) reminds me of Marble Garden Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on the SEGA Mega Drive. When I look at it, I also have that game's zone music play in my mind.
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    The blue and red Sports Car A prototypes are especially interesting to me as well. :)

    And one surprising thing to note, all these beta civilian cars in the parking lots are not actually real vehicles, but are basically props instead. You can get out of bounds and feel their solid models, or hit them to knock them away and earn a coin.
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    Thank you for your review! Now I'll give an answer to everything:
    1-Just an oversight by me. Sorry.
    2/3/4/5- the models for the other merry-go-round gags aren't in the files. The doll is hardocded not to appear even though the model Is there. Bats/crows are sometimes buggy, they worked for me.
    6- level 7 is taken from the l7 Rich Side restoration mod made in 2016 and yes, it's level 4. Some days ago tho someone made a better restoration. I'll update the mod with that.

    I see. Good luck with some of them. :)

    A few more ideas I forgot to list from before too:
    * Restore the deleted Wasp Camera icon for the radar. I know it may seem to make finding Wasp Cameras more useful, but I think it's good to see if their radar icon will vanish upon destroying one. I also noticed there are more Wasp Cameras added into this mod, but the progress limit number was not increased to match it (same thing with the Gags stat total not maximised because of the merry-go-round and doll Gags now available). It should just be the original 20 Wasp Cameras for each level.
    * Level 7 should also have the beta Krusty Glass (KRUSTY BRAND). I see it's still the modern version (with Krusty holding a Buzz Cola can) in that level.
    * The early vending machine texture, coloured cyan and has "BUZZ" on it rather than the separate mesh from beta or modern Krusty Glass.
    * Any way to make the unused "American Gothic" portrait(s) seen in the Stone Cutters' Hidden Tunnel from Level 1?
    * Last, but not least, I think this mod should be a Main Mod, with no save files of the original game compatible/carried over. So it would be doing the whole game again (or just to free roam with unlocked rewards and missions toggled) separately in beta style.
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    While it seems most likely it’s origin comes from Strummer Vacation based on the Wiki page Addy linked, the mention of the race car from the deleted scene in Treehouse of Horror IV is interesting.

    Perhaps that line might have influenced the choice to place it in Level 7 to better fit the Halloween theming? The Open Wheel Race Car is otherwise the one reward car present in Level 7 that doesn’t quite fit the more abstract/Halloween cars. There’s also the Hover Bike present in Level 7 as well, but it’s the only bike-based vehicle in the entire game (which perhaps might have influenced the decision to place it in Level 7).

    This is widely speculative however as I also realize the other Street Race reward cars either don’t fit the character or don’t fit the environment they’re given in (Homer winning the Electaurus in Level 1 or Bart winning the 36 Stutz Bearcat in Level 6).

    It’s probably a happy accident given the lack of a visual appearance in ToH IV, but interesting nonetheless!

    EDIT: I should also clarify that I was not considering Bonus Mission reward vehicles as well when writing this post, but the game otherwise lacks a horror-themed character that has chemistry with Homer who would work nicely in the Level.