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    Sunday Run
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    Dynamic Tuning
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  • Borb replied to My Response to the October 1st Incident
    Deadnaming is when you refer to a trans person by the name they went by before transitioning.

    It can be incredibly painful for a trans person to remember the part of their life when they couldn't outwardly express themselves as they felt on the inside, it can feel as if any progress you've made since that previous part of your life has been suddenly invalidated simply by hearing or reading the name. It can hurt to even know that people know your deadname, even if you know they'd never use it. Knowing people even have that mental connection when it comes to your deadname can be a horrible feeling.

    It may not directly put the community at risk, but it's incredibly hurtful to many members of the community who either know firsthand how it feels to experience that, or to members who have trans friends or family members who've seen the toll it can take. Thank you for asking, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
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    How to use the Mod Launcher
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    Yo, i'm elsen, as the name above would lead you to assume
    i played Hit and Run throughout my life, in bursts. It is one of the first games i remember playing as a wee 4 year old, and i also remember playing this morning as well. One of these days, i will get that sub 1:50 in asm, but Apu is a bit of an unplugged refrigerator
    i have also always wanted to learn to code, so a few months ago i got a few books that walked you step by step on how to code a game. It was great, except for the fact that i had no drive to complete THAT game. So, i read through the first few pages, did a few of the exercises, and never touched the book again. Now i want to learn how to code some fun stuff just to play around and learn in SHAR, and was told this is a good place for questions and help, along with seeing others work.
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    I'm not sure if I'm correct about this, but the No Audio hack allows the user to play the game without having any audio output device or drivers (which the game needs in order to run).
    Could be more to that though!
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  • Borb voted on EnAppelsin's reply to: My Response to the October 1st Incident
    I'm done here. I've made the point I wanted to. If its not going to be treated seriously and that people are going to jump to "Jake is condoning bigotry", they clearly do not understand the actual issue here.

    If you'd like to talk about this with me privately, be my guest. Done checking this thread. Have a good day everyone.

    Nobody has said this, nobody is saying this. People might be downvoting you because they disagree with your take on the issue?
    Also to your previous point "If someone defending their point is allowed to talk like this, I guess I am to? ", I believe so. You haven't been banned?

    the criticism that the initial action should've been handled privately has been accepted as a mistake due to the serious nature of deadnaming causing a bit of a rash reaction.

    It was "not taken seriously" so much that Borb made a thread to explain their rationale in face of people criticising it. so I don't get this fantasy of it not being taken seriously?

    What else is there? That Thomas and Mavis should have been silenced instead of flinging stuff? Maybe?

    Also again I have been taking note of various criticisms about how moderators handling it, which include differing takes. Some people may be unhappy, some may be happy. Some may be unhappy for the exact opposite reason to others.

    There's definitely been a problem about staff of the past not taking things seriously enough, but I believe we are working on changing that.
  • Borb voted on EnAppelsin's reply to: My Response to the October 1st Incident
    The first response accepted criticism that it should have been a DM and tried to explain the reasoning behind why the action taken came off as quite severe.
    I have reemphasised it a few times.

    What then is the problem? Spell it out for me. What is the criticism that has not been accepted here?
  • Borb voted on EnAppelsin's reply to: My Response to the October 1st Incident
    Two of said people came back, one even going out of their way to reactivate an account, to downvote and/or create drama. I wouldn't say that's leaving
    Ever considered they didn't voice their opinion and feelings because staff clearly doesn't give a f*** what the community has to say on any matter?

    Believe it or not, with concern about this I have been in contact with a few people to gauge community feeling, but if one or two people disagree, one of which being the person accused of bigotry, this does not immediately point to a serious problem

    Suggestions that moderations should grow a spine has been noted though, and I agree a step towards zero tolerance to bigotry is long overdue.