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I make mods but post them quite rarely.

Spoiler: Mods I've worked on (more or less):
Dog Days

Level 7 Restoration Restored

Flaming Pastry Commune

SHAR - R/C Cars

Bumper Cars!

Wasp Cam Hunt

Ooze & Booze in Springfield

An Unusual Christmas
Spoiler: Mods I work on:
Get Frinkfty

My favorite vehicle le hearse

  • maz voted on MAFFY's reply to: Can I have my play history erased? And badges too?
    They probably could do that somehow. But to me, the option to remove your play history and badges sounds quite pointless. I don't get why you want it removed so badly. If you de-authenticated your account in the mod launcher its not going to add them any more anyway so why not just leave things as they are?

    The other thing you mentioned about having your profile clean makes little sense when its rare that people check each others profiles regularly. The whole purpose of the history feature is to advertise mods to others by showing how often its being played. The badge thing I agree with to a certain extent as there is no reward system for earning them, but the fact that not all of them are collectable isn't a big deal to me.
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  • maz voted on jake's reply to: A hidden beta vending machine texture?
    Edit: ahh Jake beat me at it
  • maz replied to A hidden beta vending machine texture?
    Hi, yes the texture is there. Here's a picture of it in-game
    You can somewhat make out the pattern if you look carefully.
    On top of that, you can use the P3D Editor to open the region file & check the shapes (the shader it uses is called PopMachine_m which is projecting the PopMachine.bmp texture - the vending machine)
    Spoiler: pictures in editor
    Edit: ahh Jake beat me at it
  • maz voted on jake's reply to: A hidden beta vending machine texture?
    This is where it is used:

    We can prove its that texture by finding it in the Pure3D Editor:

    and right-clicking and finding the references:

    Which gives us this shader:

    A shader is like information on how to display the texture. We can then check the references of the shader to find what model it is on. When we do this, we get the racks:

    Essentially the repurposed the metalic looking bit and that alone for this texture. So they basically UV cut out what they wanted and applied it, instead of making a new texture.
  • maz replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run - Mod Jam #2 - Tropical Getaway [ANNOUNCED RESULTS]
    Ey-ey I'd like to leave a little bit of a message to my experience on this event!

    The experience itself:
    This was a nice event/contest to participate in. I'm glad to be part of it & while I did not expect to get in the 3rd place, I'm super glad I did! For each submission I have to say they all were unique in their own ways, it was quite interesting to see what every of the other participants thought of when they heard the word "tropical" and how different could many mods be released on this very theme!
    I'm sure everyone did their best or at least some good amount of effort, just enough to have both fun & something to work on!
    I hope this event has brought some of us closer, in terms of discussing about the mods, checking each-other's mods, etc.
    I'm thankful to the people that helped me with my mod (Mochapoke, Tay, TheButterApple24 & my brother), it wouldn't've been possible (or at least that awesome) without their help with both the map as well as few suggestions.

    About my mod
    Yeah the AI was dumb as heck, most probably because of the road nodes around that area, despite that, I'm glad you liked it, funny enough the main car took quite a lot of time to be made, surprisingly, mainly because of a lot of UV problems.
    I'm glad you enjoyed my mod & the simple map, I had actually planned more stuff for it, but I decided to only stick it to that island, as the rest would've taken me more to make. Maybe in the future I'll make a mod in continuation to this one & add a little bit of a lore to it.

    Final thoughts
    I've loved each & every of the mods and of course, congratulations to the winners!
    I'm looking forward to more of these events & I'm really hoping everyone else had as much fun as I did while making my mod!
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    Health Inspector's Vehicle
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  • maz replied to How can I explode cars from a distance with the lucas mod launcher
    Hello, that is a cheat function in the launcher, you can press the key 9 above the keyboard to explode all cars!
  • maz voted on Josh / Proddy's reply to: Does anyone know how to make the roof of the family sedan visible? *RESOLVED
    Based on this and another thread, I made a mod: Opaque Car Roofs.

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    Opaque Car Roofs mod
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