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  • Kenny Giles voted on .:Conk-Man:.'s topic: Bird Turismo Garage [NEW UPDATE]
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  • Kenny Giles replied to The Electaurus Crash
    Pretty simple fix! There's a rather infamous pirated copy floating about that decreases the file size for the game by deleting/changing a couple of game files. While the copy normally works 'alright' (as in the player can use the copy to complete the entire campaign), there's been consistent reports of changes being made to the Electaurus vehicle that causes the game to crash when entering it.

    I'd highly advise looking around for another copy of the game from other sources, such as the original installation CDs. We sadly can't link directly to any pirated copies of the game just to keep our hands clean and avoid upsetting the current copyright holders of the game. Handing out copies might land us in hot water later down the line, in short! Clean copies should have no issue using the Electaurus.

    I should also point out that riding the Electaurus is never mandatory to 100% the game. The player can unlock it from Level 1's Street Races, and then just simply never use it and still obtain all 100% bonuses if the player is aiming for that.
  • Kenny Giles replied to How to convert rmv to mp4?
    It's usually a bit better to go ahead and create a separate thread for your own personal questions. Not that it's completely offtopic, but it helps prevent the thread from shifting to another question entirely.

    It's fairly easy! You just need The RAD Video Tools and then you can convert your video file into a format SHAR supports! Just click the first link on the aforementioned webpage to download it.

    Addy wrote a tutorial a while ago that's available here that pretty nicely answers any questions you might have about how to properly use the toolkit. Hopefully this helps!
  • Kenny Giles replied to A Problem in M7 of Race Battle Mod
    Apologies for the late reply. Again, I imagine SomeBot might not be entirely comfortable with the idea of those models being used, so I would highly advise contacting him about it.

    I'm actually not entirely certain that swapping out the forced vehicle matters in most situations, but it's worth doing to bring the player's default vehicle back in without having to go through the Phonebooth whenever possible!

    I'm still looking through the script, but I'm not seeing any immediate issues with it that seem like they would cause crashing?

    • According to current documentation, AddStageVehicleCharacter will default to adding an NPC model to the vehicle's 'pl' joint at 180 degrees. This means that you don't need to specify where 'bart2' goes in the first instance use. AddStageVehicleCharacter("tgxbus", "bart2"); on it's own would be fine.
    • Does wiggu_v have a 'pl_2' joint? Bart likely will not appear in the vehicle properly if the car doesn't have one.
    • Do all the locators appear to be present in the modified m7.p3d you're loading? An invalid waypoint name or referring to a waypoint that doesn't exist should instantly crash the game.
    • Does the game appear to crash if you were to remove all of the stages except the first one? A quick and dirty way to easily debug missions is to just remove most of the stages and throw them into a temporary text bin and slowly add them back. The mission will end abruptly once the first (and only) stage is cleared, but it's a good way to easily test if there's something wrong with one of the later stages.

    If all else fails, Lucas' Mod Launcher stores crash debug logs in [usernamehere]\Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Crashes. If you could, are you able to upload the very latest crash file and upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or MEGA? It's possible to analyze the crash file the Launcher generates to help pinpoint the exact issue. Thank you.
  • Kenny Giles replied to A Problem in M7 of Race Battle Mod
    Out of curiosity, what exactly is the issue with this mission script? Does the game crash while it's on the Mission Briefing illustration screen? Or does another aspect of the mission not work correctly (such as crashing on a specific stage)? I am noticing that the copy of Wiggum's car that the player uses in the mission doesn't appear to be swapped out properly.

    On another note, while I do understand that you and IFG are collaborating together, I'm not entirely certain if SomeBot is comfortable with a character model he created being used in this mod. Have you contacted him personally about this through his Discord account or elsewhere (such as his YouTube channel) about using the SomeCop model?
  • Kenny Giles replied to Starwars Lightsabers mod v1
    Spoiler: Finally, now I can be a Star Wars!

    Having the toggleable colors is even better too! Not the hugest Star Wars fanatic out there, but I loved the Lego game adaptions. Thought Mace Windu's purple light saber was great, and now I can beat SHAR NPCs with it. What an oddly specific dream!
  • Kenny Giles voted on Tappie's reply to: Looney Tunes: Vehicular Velocity (Announcement)
    First update of hopefully many to come. I promise the 2nd update will have non-SHAR pedestrians.
  • Kenny Giles voted on nationalitalia's topic: Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Vehicle Mod
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  • Kenny Giles replied to 1st mission Preview! (Oscar Mod Pack)
    I notice that some of the mod appears to be using sound assets from Annoy Squidward (namely the SpongeBob 'Weee!' heard early on). Are those placeholder sounds, or nada? I assume if you had permission to reuse the Giant Snowglobe map that you plan on using for Level 2, it shouldn't be much of an issue, but I am curious if that'll be replaced with your own voice acting later down the line.

    This certainly looks interesting regardless. The imported models look pretty well done and it's neat to see a mission pack of this kind with sort of an overarching narrative. Do you have any rough estimates of when you might expect completion of the demo or the full mod?
  • Kenny Giles replied to How do i add a custom texture onto my homer skin?
    Ah, this should be a pretty simple fix! I believe I understand the issue looking at the two images. The cause is likely a conflict of some kind with the char_swatches_lit_m present in global.p3d. The game keeps multiple copies of that texture around, and while this normally isn't an issue with the vanilla character models, it causes tons of conflicts with custom ones that make modifications to it. Lucas' P3D Editor displays the model just fine since it only loads the one referenced in global.p3d and ignores ones you'd see buried in a Level's TERRA file.

    My recommendation would be to rename your char_swatches_lit_m Shader to something unique (such as 'sonic_swatches', as an example), and then also accordingly change the references to it in the character's 'Skin'. An example of that would be something such as this.

    Hopefully that resolves the issue.