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  • Kenny Giles replied to Custom Costumes Not Working
    Assuming I understand correctly, you've modified the char_swatches_lit texture in global.p3d to try to recolor Homer and Bart's shirt to be red, but it still appears the same in-game?

    Assuming you did this by copying char_swatches_lit and pasting it in the character's P3D (like this), the char_swatches_lit texture in global.p3d is taking priority over the custom one since it loads the one present in global.p3d first. You should still be able to see the custom char_swatches if you were to make the costume it's own separate skin and make it a purchasable reward in rewards.mfk.

    As a quick and easy fix, you'll want to go ahead and rename the char_swatches_lit texture in P3D Editor 4 to use another name, and then change the shader that Homer and Bart use to instead use the new custom name.

    Spoiler: Here's a quick visual example:

    Note the new texture name at the top and the shader now pointing to 'char_swatches_lit_customhomer'. The name for the new texture is an example and can be renamed to something that's abbreviated and much more pleasant on the eyes.

    Alternatively, using Blender to edit the character models should allow you to change the colors of the character model without having to create a unique custom texture for each, but this is perhaps the easiest solution.

    Let me know if you need any more help, and do consider Josh's above advice above if you're still running into issues or want to chat!
  • Kenny Giles replied to How can I create my own missions in SHAR?
    Hey there again!

    You’re not asking out of nowhere. It’s a very exciting prospect to mod the game after realizing you can and I can understand the excitement.

    We do have a Tutorial tag available here on the forums, but they’re not categorized in particular way and some are a wee bit old. However, this thread perhaps has the most up to date video tutorials available for the basics, and others exist online as well. Text only tutorials are a bit more scarce, but the documentation, video guides, and other threads should help.

    Hopefully this should help you figure out how to set everything up to get started on mission making! Otherwise, I’d advise checking the Discord since we have a a live channel for troubleshooting and assistance for setting up mods.
  • Kenny Giles replied to doubt with the randomizer mod
    Dialog is an optional toggle in EnAppelsin/Proddy's Randomizer Mod. To use it, you'd have to do some additional work to get it up and running, and then go ahead and enable the option in the mod's settings. Check out the readme here on the project's Github explaining how to set up dialog to use it with the Randomizer.

    The mentioned in the above tutorial is available here.

  • Kenny Giles replied to I get a black screen when trying to enter the game, plz help!? *RESOLVED*
    I'm expecting the legit copy in the mail in about 5 days, hoping it won't glitch out as well. Wish me luck! :D
    Keen to try out this Donut Mod!!

    (Posts merged by moderator.)

    I hope I'm not being annoying, I'm just genuinely excited. I'll definitely recommend to everyone I know. I was 3 when this game came out XD

    Ah, you're not being obnoxious at all! I was stoked when I initially found out about the PC port way back (and it seems a majority of people aren't aware of it's existence) and was excited to relive the game on another platform. Even more excited when I got my PC copy since the box and cards are a pretty sweet deal. Normally, we prefer that comments made within a short time period are just edited into one post rather than made as several other comments, but it's not a huge issue in this particular case.

    The window not being responsive prior to closing is a very important piece of information, however. It at least confirms the game is crashing as opposed to getting hung on a loading screen. After your game crashes, the Mod Launcher generates a crash log in the following directory:

    C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Crashes

    (With 'username' being whatever user you're signed into, of course.)

    If you can, could you try to upload the newest file from this directory onto a file sharing site? Google Drive or Dropbox could work. We might be able to get more information out of that particular crash log. We have a couple of members who can read information from those crash logs and might be able to pinpoint the issue with that.

    Thank you! Apologies for getting back so late.
  • Kenny Giles replied to How can I solve the error that a mission goes black
    Huh. I’m not familiar with that issue at all.

    Are you playing any particular campaign mods or does this happen in the base game (the regular game with no mission edits)? It sounds like the game is getting stuck on the transition into black/the mission briefing based on your wording.

    If it’s happening with the regular base game, I would highly encourage a reinstall to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Kenny Giles replied to need help woth discord
    My apologies! My original post was rather ambiguous with it’s wording and who to contact for further assistance.

    Try leaving the server briefly and then using the link here in order to link both your Donut Team and Doscord account together:

    If that still fails, however, you can DM one of the Staff Members in the Discord and they should be able to help give you the proper privileges in order to type.

    Hope that helps!
  • Kenny Giles replied to I get a black screen when trying to enter the game, plz help!? *RESOLVED*
    Hey there yourself! Welcome to the forums! While we typically don’t offer support for cracked copies of the game due to issues verifying that each crack is clean (and to not upset Mr. Mouse), the issue sounds perplexing and might also occur with the legitimate disc version you’re waiting to receive. This is an issue I don’t believe I’ve heard of before?

    Is there any further detail you can provide, if you don’t mind me asking? Does the game window open up and you don’t see anything else after that? Does the game window stop responding? Does it get to the license screen before fading to black and not doing anything?

    Last major question I can think of is what version is your Zenbook 14? I’m seeing a couple through an online search that have slightly varying GPUs.

    Thank you!
  • Kenny Giles replied to need help woth discord
    Hey there!

    Users are able to join our Discord using the invite link, but won't be able to talk until both your Discord account and your Donut Team account are linked. It's possible you might have joined using the other invite link that doesn't require that these two are linked?

    You instead need to join using the other link present on our Discord page. If you're still having trouble, feel free to reach out to one of the staff members.

    Hopefully that helps a little!
  • Kenny Giles replied to Favorite car to drive in Hit and run?
    Probably the Open Wheel Race Car in terms of driving. It’s a really cool reward to save at the very end of the game with how insanely overpowered it is top speed wise. It makes speedrunning individual missions a blast (though I realize the Hearse also receives use in NG+ ASM given it’s better durability).

    It’s incredibly poor strength is a fun double-edged sword too. If you can master the game’s controls it’s not something you’ll have to worry about most missions, but it can also lead to AI car destruction based missions (such as From Outer Space) becoming more exciting.

    Only downsides is that I find the Street Races you have to do to obtain it significantly easier than the ones in Level 6 (and the Street Races lacking a ‘rival’ like the previous ones is a bit unfortunate). It’s usefulness is also perhaps a bit limited since it’s likely the player will have cleared most of the game’s missions prior to obtaining it, but perhaps it’s handier than I’m figuring if the player used the skip mission functionality a fair amount? It’s a slightly easier way to get a checkmark for the missions the player skipped earlier.

    In terms of just looks Ferrini. I love that shine and the mission it debuts in. El Carro Loco is also pretty cool for the purple neon lights.
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