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  • Kenny Giles replied to Virtual Frink-ality - Level 1 Demo Out Now!
    Apologies for the late reply.

    I went ahead and took a look into the Third Challenge Race due to the issue you mention earlier. I'm not terribly proud with how that mission turned out, so I went ahead and decided to quickly and sloppily re-work it.

    Frink-ality version 1.67 is now a thing! You can grab it here (MEGA) or here (Google Drive).

    This is a REALLY minor update, so I wouldn't recommend you bother with this if you've already cleared all 3 Street Races in a previous release or have no intention of going for 100%.

    • L1SR3 has been modified to remove the 'No Wrenches' gimmick and has been renamed accordingly ('Totally Wrench-ed!' to 'Tire & Error'). The player now has to squeeze through some tire props instead of avoiding wrenches in a 3-lap time trial.

      The reason for the change is that upon replaying the Street Race, I feel judging where the hitboxes for where the Wrenches was too unforgiving and the knockback for bad input was too harsh (it's frustrating to fail the mission on the last lap if you turned too far to the right, for instance). This severely nerfs the difficulty, while still keeping the challenge of having to 'navigate between areas'. While the timer seems rather forgiving with this nerf, this mission was also tested with the Terrible Truck, which barely has enough time to make it. Try it that way, you chickens.

    • Fixed an issue with L1SR3 where Frink and Homer did not have their proper dialog locators set.
    • Moved the end conversation in L1SR3 to the Community Center's parking lot as a dirty workaround to prevent two Red Frink Holograms from popping up in the same area.
    • The unused stage objective messages intended for L1SR2 and L1SR3 have been restored. I'm an idiot. For some reason, L1SR2 was using Stage Message Index 223 for racing the Green Frink Hologram. The messages intended for exiting your vehicle in L1SR2 and L1SR3 was using index 1, rather than index 299. As such, you wouldn't see them if your car got destroyed or you exited your vehicle.

    • All Street Race replacements have been re-named from 'Holo-Challenges' to 'Holo-Missions', with all instances of 'Holo-Challenges' or 'Street Races' being updated accordingly. This actually includes the 'Street Races' string used in the game's Level Progress screen that I just...never updated for some odd reason.

      The above change is due to the name 'Holo-Challenge' causing the modified mission clear text to flow off the screen when playing on a 640x480 resolution. I wanted to make sure that's still visible regardless of screen resolution.
    • Added a new jump sound effect that replaces the old one, taken from Jak II (:Renegade). There's nothing that really influenced this change outside of me just really liking how it sounded and wanting to use it.
    • Fixed a typo in the credits near Weasel on a Stick's credit ('Frinoins' instead of 'Frinkoins').
    • Intentionally left some of Level 2's assets in this build. If you wanna cheat or poke around a bit and see what the heck it even looks like, feel free! I'm not terribly happy with all of the texturing choices, but it is in a much nicer state now.
  • Kenny Giles replied to Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Ver 1.1)
    On the first post. You just have to click the 'Download Here!' image near the bottom.

    You'd need WinRAR or 7Zip in order to extract the archive, as previously stated above.
  • Kenny Giles voted on Glitchedblood's reply to: Virtual Frink-ality - Level 1 Demo Out Now!
    The mod crashes in the third challenge race if you fail and restart the race.
  • Kenny Giles replied to Why does almost no one want to play multiplayer?
    Based on what Maz stated earlier, it'd be better to use the Discord server for this sort of thing.
  • Kenny Giles replied to How to play multiplayer with friends?
    The user who started this topic has not been active on the forums since initially posting this, and this post was also made around a year ago.

    I would highly advise using the Discord instead to organize these sort of things.

    Going to go ahead and lock this particular thread now.

  • Kenny Giles replied to Multi-Meme v1.5 - Release
    What issues are you having with it, exactly? Are you referring to the character swapping?

    As noted in the original post Nightbane made, the mod is primarily designed to work with the Multiplayer Launcher. Make sure you're using that in order to experience the character changing.
  • Kenny Giles voted on Yzma's topic: Homer & Marge - Spicy Duo
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    Homer & Marge - Spicy Duo
    Yzma made this topic 1 month ago
    6 replies
  • Kenny Giles replied to Looney Tunes: Vehicular Velocity (Announcement)
    The mod is not currently out yet. The latest post is a description of how the mod's current progress is going.
  • Kenny Giles replied to A somewhat stupid question and perhaps already answered.
    Not really a stupid question!

    The best solution I can think of is perhaps modifying the shader that uses letter_grid.bmp to use a custom texture with it's own message? You can still then have the messages randomized by using a 'Set', which is essentially a randomized collection of textures. You can create one by going to 'Edit -> New -> Set'.
  • Kenny Giles replied to Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Ver 1.1)
    Played through the new update real quick. I didn't test the Story Missions in their entirety, but I did test the Wager Race replacement and L1M7.

    The finale definitely flows a LOT better with the nerfed timer and SpongeBob's new placement inside the cage. I was able to beat him my first attempt this time around! Having less terrain to cover seems to eliminate the issue of 'If he gets stuck, your run is dead' that I had earlier with it.

    Similarly, the cannonballs having the shockwave feedback makes them much more visually satisfying to fire and gives you a nicer idea of what's going on.

    The Wager Race replacement is also really darn fun. Whomp's Fortress translates pretty well into Hit & Run with the scale used. It's neat to have another platforming mission that serves as contrast to Captain Toad's restricting movement! The radar makes things slightly tricky if the player is not using mouse look (I had two runs fail because I couldn't make sense of where the star below the tower was). My only other complaint is the lack of reward for doing the Bonus Mission. Something like a REALLY tiny payout I think would create incentive to revisit the mission. That or removing the timer outright and having a timer that ticks up? Basically so the player can try to speedrun the task and come back to improve their time.

    The only other two things I have to comment on is that there's a bug with the Victor's Lap challenge. If the player starts it, then cancels it, Victor will not respond since he was moved to the Ferrini. The player has to completely quit the game to restore him. The change to the Captain Toad mission also makes it a lot more clear they absolutely need to cancel to avoid a crash, but the player can still bypass the stage by resetting.

    The extra refinement is much appreciated however! It makes the last bit of the mod much more accessible I feel and the bonus was really cute.