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    How to open GameCube P3Ds
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  • Cosmo replied to The History of Donut Team [YouTube series!]
    the Tweak is actually from 2006; I have version (I think) of it, and it was compiled in Dec 2006. You can find it on IA.
  • Cosmo replied to Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)
    > Sadly though, I'm afraid the mod's content can only be played around with in the first two Levels. While I can't check the source right this instant, I believe a lua script was added to prevent the Unlock All Levels cheat from properly working? As a result, you can only play around with the new costumes and vehicles in the first two Levels. Apologies about that!

    I know it's been six months, but there isn't any major content for L3/L4 in the public build in terms of actual level content. It'd just load normal SHAR L3 and L4 with some extra stuff for donutmod.

    The only stuff remaining is custom L4 headlight lighting stuff, all of the L3/L4 text, custom trigger actions, some code to set up level 3 and 4 rewards if the build is deelopment that doesn't work because the lua files don't exist, L4 character skins, dialog redirection for nonexistent L4 sound and mission script files, cop scripts (although I'm pretty sure they're identical to vanilla) a .gitignore file referencing a missing L4 P3D file (CustomFiles/art/l4z99.p3d) taxi passengers?, and probably some of the cars. There's also a reference to the "Lucas Road Rage to Hit & Run Converter" and an audio file of Lucas reading an NPAPI deprecation notice.