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Hi, I'm Daniel. Joining the community in 2016, when I was just 10/11, I have always been really affectioned to SHaR, and a Simpsons lover of course!

This account was created in April 2016, as you can see next to my profile pic (and what a profile pic! XD). I previously used this account, which I don't have access to anymore:

I have released a bunch of mods, but most of them are discontinued (and I don't neither own the files anymore); I have been releasing stuff since I very first joined, so most previously released mods were from 2016/2017.

My biggest interest is anything related to the past of SHaR and Donut Team, and togehter with other appasionates like Addy (DeepFriedBurger) and Femenia (PatentDude64) I am always in search of any new beta/prerelease material of SHaR, as well as hard-to-find, official and unofficial mods of DT.

I have a high knowledge of the game's script system and medium-high skill in texture/model editing (I can decently use Blender).

Winter Theme - Complete Edition
Beta Restoration

Pre-reboot mission billboards for Donut Mod 1
Recolourable Traffic Cars Pack
Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity Banner
Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity Created by The Hell Inspector Last played on November 15th, 2022
Donut Mod 2 Banner
Donut Mod 2 Created by Donut Team Last played on March 7th, 2022
A Long Long Night Banner
A Long Long Night Created by Thomas Donofri Last played on August 28th, 2021
The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus Banner
The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus Created by MarioGaming64 Last played on January 7th, 2021
Donut Mod 3 Banner
Donut Mod 3 Created by Donut Team Last played on December 7th, 2020