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Huge SH&R fan and a mod collector (750+ mods in the launcher).
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Itchy & Scratchy: Content Fillers Created by maz Last played on July 1st, 2022
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It Came From Springfield Created by Tappie Last played on July 1st, 2022
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Donut Mod 4 Created by Donut Team Last played on October 3rd, 2021
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A Long Long Night Created by Thomas Donofri Last played on October 2nd, 2021
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Pickle Mod Created by JoshuaL2153 Last played on September 27th, 2021
  • Just Danny replied to Ponytail Marge
    The File I Was Downloading wasent there any more is there anyway to try to help me?

    You can contact me on Discord (Just Danny#1578) and I can share the mods with you privately (both Pickle Mod and this one).
  • Just Danny replied to Happy Pranksgiving (Version 1.0)
    Sorry but the download link doesn't work for me, it takes me to the home page of

    The link got updated and works now, thanks! :)
  • Just Danny replied to Sunday Run
    Cool mod and a great way to spend Sunday, 10/10 points. Would love to see more mods like this.


    Proof of my persistance:
  • Just Danny replied to I'm now 26!
    Happy b-day man! 🎉🎉
  • Just Danny replied to Yellow Shift and Yet Another Sandbox Mod (old mods)
    Reuploading the link:

    Includes following mods:
    Tokyo Shift & Yet Another Sandbox Mod - approved by the creator (Thomas Donofri)
    Yellow Shift - approved by the creator (Mavis)

    About Homer's Adventure - after talking to the creator (Gordon CMB), I have decided not to share the download for this mod publicly. If you really want to play it, contact me on Discord and I'll share it privately.
  • Just Danny replied to Yellow Shift and Yet Another Sandbox Mod (old mods)
    @DannyTheHunter thank you so much man that means a lot to me :)

    No problem man, glad I could help :)
  • Just Danny replied to Yellow Shift and Yet Another Sandbox Mod (old mods)
    There are more mods in the folder because I already shared some in the past, but I'm sure you will find the ones you want to play easily.
    Enjoy ;)
  • Just Danny replied to Yellow Shift and Yet Another Sandbox Mod (old mods)
    Hi, I've got all the mods you're looking for (requested above + Tokyo Shift). I can upload them to Google Drive and post a link here later today if that's okay. 🙂
  • Just Danny voted on Muckluck's topic: Homer³ Mod (1.0)
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    Homer³ Mod (1.0)
    Muckluck made this topic 1 year ago
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  • Just Danny replied to An Unusual Christmas - Holidays 2020 Submission
    Hi, I played through this mod and decided to do a small review (don't expect it to be good, it's my first time doing this).

    Before I start, I just want to say that I've been around the community for over 4 years, so I know that creating mods is time consuming and sometimes very complicated. It makes me happy whenever I see a new mod is released and in my opinion, there aren't any bad mods (except for Thanoscopter maybe).
    When I first launched this mod, I didn't know what to expect, but I was immediately pleasently surprised. The visuals are amazing, and when you add things like custom wasps, cards, vehicles and gags, it creates a very nice Christmas atmosphere. The placement of wasps and cards is nothing special, I found all of them during my first drive around the map. I was also hoping for a custom secret car, and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed when i found it.
    But then I started playing the story and things started going downhill. We begin with Bart stealing and burning gifts for other children. That's pretty evil. After that, you go get Milhouse and want to prank Nelson, who is kidnapped by a black van. The highlight of this mission is the school bathroom. Even though it's a small and uninteresting interior, it's a nice surprise. Then we have the first thing that doesn't make much sense. After finding out Nelson got kidnapped, you drop Milhouse at his house and go home, only to receive a call from Milhouse to go back to him and talk about what you two just saw. I understand it had to be done like this in order for Milhouse to be kidnapped as well, but still. Then you try to get help from Skinner, which doesn't really work out. Physics of school bus are kinda wacky in this mission, making it very easy to destroy it. After getting help from Marge, who lets you borrow her Canyonero without any hesitation, you find out that the kidnappers were the school bullies for some reason. After saving your friends, you get treated with this image.
    These four in one car reminded me of the episode Bart on the Road, except Nelson and Martin switched places here. After that, you drive home to have a party, but a disaster happens. Lisa gets kidnapped, probably as a revenge of the bullies. In the end, Nelson saves the day by rescuing Lisa.
    Now I have to mention few technical problems. Throughout all missions, police radar works very unreliably, which is good for avoiding hit & run, but bad for grinding coins, which you need a lot of to get all cars and costumes. Same goes for traffic, which sometimes completely disappears. This is most visible during the key collecting mission - before you get the key, everything is normal, but after you collect it, the traffic suddenly disappears.
    Overall, this is visually a really good mod, but the somewhat uninteresting story and technical issues drag it down a little. I give it 6.5/10.