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  • DouglasColvin replied to Need help
    If you have all the mod files set up in a folder correctly, right click your mod in the mod launcher and click compile. Assuming you didnt set a custom output path for the .lmlm, it will be right in the mod folder.

    Im not sure what you mean by the second part exactly, but the link you provided doesnt work

    [img]image url[/img] (Dont copy that, type it out and copy it if you want to use it multiple times)
  • DouglasColvin replied to Help with textures in P3D files?
    You need to assign the shaders to the different parts of the mesh. For example:
    You have all these meshes, but none of them have a texture assigned to them
    You have a bunch of shaders set up, you just need to assign them
    That's where you assign textures, every texture needs a shader before they can be assigned
  • DouglasColvin replied to How can i extract the entire map from the game ?
    Lucas' Pure3D editor. At the top of the website click mods, then click tools
  • DouglasColvin replied to Announcement - 9 August 2016
    Thanks for the update, good to know
  • DouglasColvin replied to Kami-cop-zes!! [RELEASE]
  • DouglasColvin replied to [Poll Closed] Making all mods decompilable.
    Agree with Thomas except for GTA HR, which for now isnt decompilable until the Donut Mod album thing is released because MACCA has music in it. I do personally feel that mods should be decompilable, because like Night said, it allows the modding community to grow by teaching others how to do something that they mey not know how to do if they can find it being done in a mod. This would allow better quality mods to be put out at faster rates because all the knowledge needed would be right there, for anyone to see for themselves. Blatant stolen work can be deleted easily, so that isnt a problem. If a mod author really does want to keep their work to themselves I believe they should be able to though, maybe with permission from any Donut Team staff with valid reasoning behind why they dont want their work open source
  • DouglasColvin replied to MFK Highlighter for Notepad++
    Well Im downloading this later today, sounds sweet
    Im probably going to edit some colors to suite me better, but I like it
  • DouglasColvin replied to 1996 Eagle Talon mod
    I dont quite understand what you mean honestly. The 1996 Eagle Talon TSI AWD was basically the same thing as the 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, they just had different badging. Both cars had different submodels (The only one thats coming to my head right now is the ESI for the Talon, which used a N/A 4G63 IIRC) and they usually ended up looking different. I downloaded the model, and it was based off of a 96 Talon that some guy's friend owns. Its obviously not stock. I can assure you that Eagle made Talons for the 1996 model year. You also have to remember that parts on these cars are interchangable, and that includes body panels. Just because a Talon doesnt have a spoiler like that doesnt mean someone cant have one that has one, all they have to do is get replacement Eclipse parts
  • DouglasColvin replied to 4th of July: An American Breakfast... Car... Thing
    I love it, now I want pancakes
  • DouglasColvin replied to 1996 Eagle Talon mod
    1 and 2G Eclipses and Talons were basically the same car. "The second generation (or "2G") Eagle Talon was introduced in 1995 simultaneously with its Mitsubishi Eclipse counterpart..." (Wikipedia). Mitsubishi and Chrysler formed a joint venture called Diamond Star Motors (DSM), where many vehicles were manufactured. With the founding of DSM came the creation of the Chrysler-headed company Eagle, named after the AMC Eagle, which produced several different vehicles including the Talon, Summit, and Vision. 1G Eclipses/Talons/Lasers (Plymouth) were all based on the same platform with differences including body and engine layouts, and after the 1994 model year Plymouth discontinued its Laser, leaving the Eclipse and Talon. 2Gs were nearly identical inside and out, with main differences being branding and Mitsubishi offering Spyder versions of their side of the project.
    TLDR; Basically yes, technically no

    (I know a lot about this sorry lol)