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  • Duffhause voted on Loren's reply to: .....................
    This thread is just meant to be Jake's goodbye to the community. As such, I have removed the discourse that has transpired here and I am locking the thread.

    That is all.


    Actually, I should add that I don't really fully follow everything that has happened but I would greatly appreciate if this drama could just stop.

    In regards to the community at large and the future of the website, the remaining members of the team will have to have internal discussions regarding what we do about that. I don't know how long it will take before we have anything concrete.
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    ..................... made this topic 1 year ago
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    [deleted user]
    Posted 1 year ago
    Maybe both of you should talk it out. You both keep making responses referencing the drama but nobody involved (that I know of) has made any significant effort to work things out. Like how long have Stoner Team and SurrealBot been at odds? Everyone needs to just talk it out and let it go. I’m friends with both and it’s just jarring how long this has been dragged out. Swallow your egos and let bygones be bygones. I swear I’ve heard about this drama for months at this point.
  • Duffhause voted on [deleted user]'s reply to: Guess That's It
    [deleted user]
    Posted 1 year ago
    No you are not the only reason drama happens here. I’m just disappointed that you are once again “retiring” from this community. I think it’s been said already but you have a pattern of leaving and joining, with public announcements to accompany each. It seems like attention seeking, however I’m not saying it is or isn’t. I understand that you beat yourself up but in order for things to change you gotta break the habit. Hell I even used to make these kind of threads (Jake probably remembers lol). My point is that you need to change your behavior. Apologies and promises mean nothing when you can’t back them up. I just hope you can see reason and actually make a real clean slate.

    Hope you reconsider bud,

  • Duffhause voted on Surreal Bot's reply to: Guess That's It
    I wouldn't be surprised if you blamed me for all this s***. This vicious cycle could have ended if your friends at Stoner Team weren't complete jerks (especially towards me). The team would have had a better reputation and you wouldn't have went bonkers on this community yet again just because a few of your friends got what they deserved.

    Now I better not see a meme about this like you did in a Donut Team Documentary video. We're all tired of remembering those moments.
  • Duffhause voted on [deleted user]'s reply to: Guess That's It
    [deleted user]
    Posted 1 year ago
    I've seen what these threads do, and this thread wasn't supposed to be somehow malicious to anyone
    I was hoping the topic would get ignored at worst, and gathered a few responses at best, but here we are
    Please, understand, I had no negative intentions behind this post, yet again, half of the community is against me, I'm just sorry for all of this madness, and I'm sorry for these painful 6 years
    I'm the sole reason major drama exists here, and since I wish the community would prosper, I'll leave
  • Duffhause voted on JoshuaL2153's reply to: Guess That's It
    Again, didn't say that, you're implying stuff based off a flippant comment/joke. Wish i hadn't said that part so you could concentrate on the issues at hand... for the last time, my discord DMs are always open..
  • Duffhause voted on [deleted user]'s reply to: Guess That's It
    [deleted user]
    Posted 1 year ago
    I won't keep doing this because I'm geniuenly done
    And seeing this 'feedback' isn't helping either. I have no interest in drama, literally every drama I took part in was disasterous for me, so why in the world do I need to start up this s*** all over again?
    I think YOU'RE the one wanting to start drama, no offence either. Surely, I might be back...In 5 years or so, purely to check up on stuff
    If you've read the post you could've deduced that I'm f****** fed up with my own s***, with me being a failure and the community taking a weird direction
    I sincerely hope things stabilize, and without me you won't have to witness any major drama in quite some time
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    I'm not implying anything. you're the one doing that. I'm done here, sorry gordon.
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