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I control computers
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    Level 7 Restoration Restored
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    make an animated gif of the prompt not being there
  • EnAppelsin replied to Crash in Randomiser
    Thanks very much! Yes they are not easily analysed but I had a look

    0019fd44 004a9398 Simpsons!tName::SetUID+0x8                                                                            
    0019fda4 0043e54d Simpsons!RenderManager::OnProcessRequestsComplete+0x168                                               
    0019fde0 028963dd Simpsons!LoadingManager::OnLoadFileComplete+0x6d                                                      
    0019fe24 0289648c Hacks+0xa63dd                                                                                         
    0019ff80 760c8494 Hacks+0xa648c                                                                                        
    0019ff94 77ad41c8 kernel32+0x18494                                                                                      
    0019ffdc 77ad4198 ntdll+0x641c8                                                                                         
    0019ffec 00000000 ntdll+0x64198  

    It looks like an invalid file (probably p3d/model) is being made by the randomiser. If you could provide the verbose log it would be really helpful but I'll try to have a look if I can see a bug or find out more about "tName" and what might be the issue.
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    The fact it's near lights if confusing, but might mean some limit is being exceeded.
    Could you provide:
    Other mods/hacks enabled?
    The crash dump (Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Crashes)

    The randomiser log
    - Turn on the console & logging hack in the Developer tab
    - Ask Logging to be enabled and check (Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Logs)
    - (Optional) turn on Verbose logging in the randomiser options to show *every* file created by the randomiser - this log file will be pretty big and hard to upload but might help if the files are corrupt.

    For a start maybe the crash dump so we can try to find what is crashing

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    Permanent Hit and Run Mod
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    Related, now that I am not stalling to develop new ideas. IT's a good time to check for any major usability issues. If anyone wants to provide some feedback on the following it'd be really appreciated <3

    - Is it easy to find the download link & install and stuff
    - Is the documentation for the more complex tasks (random dialog & custom cars) followable?
    - Is finding out about settings easy?
    - Should any default settings be changed at all? (I think so but I would like people to see)


    If you want to try out the custom cars feature, Flipff's Modding Communtiy Cars Mod which you can find here has a randomiser-compatible download!06QADSTC!Ot8fTuIDFJ-tIbqLYkddf4v-paVln6-P3fihwIRuqVc which gives you a large number of new random cars to play with!
  • EnAppelsin replied to Randomiser
    Update: I have finally released 2.0 which has existed in beta-hell for ages and I decided to just release the damn thing.
    Download it here!

    Hopefully it's not too unstable but I suggest playing with saves as crashes can always happen especially with the complicated nature of many of the features!

    If you've not played it in a while 2.0 adds a huge number of extra changes:


    Adds the ability to randomise the mission characters
    Adds more characters to the random driver pool
    Adds the ability to use your own limits on Random stats
    Adds the ability to have random music (credits to Sparrow)
    Adds the ability to have random music cues (credits to Sparrow)
    Adds the ability to have random dialogue (this requires extra setup, read
    New "Chaos" randomisations: Interiors, Objectives, Mission Order and Items
    Adds the ability to add custom cars to the car pool (this requires extra setup, read
    [Beta 8] Display settings & version on title screen
    We now have a discord server, join here:


    Changed the method of randomising character
    Random pedestrians will now randomise ambient NPCs
    Fully renamed to Randomiser (this does reset your settings on first launch)
    The mod is now a "Main" mod. This means it has it's own saves
    Re-organised the settings as it was getting a bit cluttered. Now in pages and groups.
    Random chase cars is disabled by default as it can cause crashes
    Beeman and Hibbert models are now handled properly
    The seat position in the Audi TT is now fixed
    Random vehicle stats are now maintained during a mission restart
    [Release] Change the distribution of random scale to favour less huge models
    [Release] Cap mission vehicle HP at 15


    A lot of dialogue related crashes are no longer an issue thanks to the new random character method
    [Beta 4] Fix a Lua error when starting a street race
    [Beta 5] Cell-outs caused a crash
    [Beta 5] The player character is randomised even if wearing a costume
    [Beta 6] More cell-out crash fixes
    [Beta 7] More crash fixes, gags work with random interiors
    [Beta 8] Use custom limits (1.22) to allow custom chase cars to not crash
    [Beta 9] More custom limits (1.22) to avoid a crash from exceeding quad limits
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    The purpose of the bounty is for motivation. Not as payment. And it may catch the eye of people who know more about this stuff, and aren't vocal within the community.

    I'm not paying someone for the mod itself, I'm saying if someone takes their own time to create a functional one then they will have their efforts paid out since it is such a big request
  • EnAppelsin replied to $150 USD Bounty for a mod [CLAIMED]
    I've been thinking about this since you mentioned it last night. It won't be easy that's for sure. I think the more logical way to do it will be to use data gleamed from reverse engineering to figure out what to save, and try and do it specifically in the context of the game. Figure out all the global data and save it in a way that can be restored. I think this could be possible within constraints but the savestates would be rather large and there may be issues, especially if you want to explore weird glitchiness where the "undefined" realm takes over.

    A traditional emulator savestate works by saving the entire "state" (setup) of the emulated hardware, which is easy inside emulators because they control all the hardware and hide the real hardware. SHAR has no emulator and so you'd need to save the entire state of the PC to work generally - this is impossible if you aren't the operating system. It doesn't seem possible in Windows to even get the CPU context easily, but even with CPU+RAM restoring it would likely fail - the OS data would need to be the same (files, devices, etc) and any other hardware (GPU) would need to be in the same state. In short, a true generic save state of a Windows program is going to be difficult to impossible, and will break if Windows gets updates or the hardware changes, which makes it much more limited than emulator savestates (e.g. sharing wouldn't be possible). Which is probably why none exists yet.

    The other simple method is to use a virtual machine, which isn't really an emulator but works similarly enough in that it insulates the virtual machine from the physical hardware. Most virtual machines do support a savestate feature (well VMware does) but it would be slow, and you'd lose FPS compared to native hardware which may be a major issue for glitches and tricks.

    Btw the bounty offer isn't payment to get the hack, it's to motivate development on such a tricky hack :) I am sure whoever produced it would make it freely available.
  • EnAppelsin replied to Randomiser
    @Blu Glad you're enjoying the mod, I really appreciate it!
    Can I ask what version you are using? I believe 1.8 has a crash in cell-outs which is rather unfortunate. I'd strongly suggest playing the latest 2.0 beta which is reasonably stable and plays through every mission successfully (there's some random crashes I am trying to chase down still, unfortunately). There is also a crash if you have "Random Chase Car Amount" enabled because the game's collision engine cannot handle too many vehicles around.

    If you are running the latest version the most helpful things for pinpointing errors is the Console (you'll have to enable it in Lucas' Mod Launcher, in the Developer tab). Unfortunately if the game crashes you tend to have act quickly to screenshot the console window before it closes. A picture/summary of the settings tab can be useful too. Submitting an Issue on Github is very useful so I/others can track the issues too.

    P.S. I am aware the thread title and first post are very out of date now. I was intending to "revamp" it with 2.0's release but as with many things it's taking its time as we hunt down bugs and keep adding new ideas. I hope it'll be soon!