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I have an Ps2. I also like System Of A Down and Metallica
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    I'd love to help on it
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    [ About Me ]
    Hello, I'm Flake, the first time i played Simpsons Hit & Run was in 2016, i had like 10-11 years that time, it was the game i played the most around that time. Now that i discovered about modding in this game, i'm learning about the scripts (they sound pretty easy when they're not hardcoded by Radical) and some Modelling.
    My first Modding experience was in 2018, i started to swap and edit some textures for Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6, during 2019-2021 i used to create and modify maps for those games, but then i just got tired and abandoned tons of projects i had in mind.
    Now in 2022, i discovered about this website and the capability of Modding Simpsons Hit & Run, i will do my best to deliver the best mods made directly from my heart.

    [ How i got Here ]
    After i ended my Modding "Career" with GoldSource games, i made an list of games that i enjoyed when young, and the list had:
    -Grand Theft Auto III
    -Manhunt 2
    -Bully Scholarship Edition
    -Need For Speed Underground 2
    -Hitman Contracts
    And of course Simpsons Hit & Run.
    After that, i started a research on those games to see which one was easier and better to Mod, and SHAR was the choosen one.
    So i bought a Pc SHAR CD copy and installed the game, after that i watched some mods gameplay on youtube and in one of the videos descriptions there was a link that lead me to this site. and here am i now
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    Basic Mod Template
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    Jack's Lore Friendly Car Pack (Final)
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