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  • FriX replied to Not Finding Simpson.exe
    I managed to download the game off of [Removed] and the game works well , I would like to know now how do you setup mods , I already have the multiplayer mod preinstalled in my mods folder but would like to know how to setup other mods and also would like to know if there is a tutorial on how to set them up on the website that I should watch , I am new to this. Thank you for reading my post and please help
  • FriX replied to Diddly (Mod) 1.2.2
    Hello I know this is the wrong place to talk about it but my posts keep getting hidden because my account is not older than 7 days , I am new to mods and would like to know how to set mods up for hit and run . EDIT: nevermind my post has 2 views so it isn't hidden
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    Not Finding Simpson.exe
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