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  • Gadie replied to Enhanced Vehicle Progression
    Red brick car is intended!

    I swapped out the RC car as balancing the stats for that vehicle just won't happen because of how the car is in general. Any increase to its speed will just cause it to spin out and be almost uncontrollable, so I instead opted to swap it out and use the Red Brick Car instead.

    Generally, for the main level cars it's +10 and for some of the purchasable/unlockable cars I think they were mostly in the +25/40 range in the speed stat. I have listed the difference in the stats for the cars so that wouldn't be too much of an edit to make at all.
  • Gadie replied to Enhanced Vehicle Progression
    That completely beats the point of playing a game, and does not even meet the definition of a game. If you got worse stuff as you progressed through a game, you would not be motivated to play; SHAR does have some progression but not a lot. Which is the whole reason that I made this mod, because I wanted to make SHAR feel more rewarding for casual players - there are some flaws with the stats that I have set which I will fix if I get around to updating. Purely with health points and mission scripts.
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    Enhanced Vehicle Progression
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  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    Ah, I thought that it was possible on Consoles?

    I don't have my PS2 on me at the moment, but if you want to test it.

    Warp to 6-7. restart the mission 5 times and then enter andriods. Press skip and spam the action button while walking to the door. If the cutscene plays and then you're softlocked outside of the building then it will work.
  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    Also, I can vouch that it is not PC exclusive as it is possible on ~30FPS. Making it also console viable, I have just tested this myself.
  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    Also I was not saying that the reset doesn't work below that threshold. The reset is not a manual reset, it's available through the R3D05Trigger and R3D10Trigger which is present past the fence. Any car reset will simply put you on the nearest road note, which is right next to the school.
  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    Also, xUnknown. That is one of the ways to get OoB there, yes. There are many others though, some of which originate from other glitches. Such as being able to start missions with zones unloaded using glitches relating to "skipping" a mission which has an FMV at the end (Bart 1, Apu, Bart 2) allowing you to enter this state.

    And that method isn't Any% exclusive, it's viable just inconsistent. That same OoB can be done with the Globex as well.
    The video that I linked showed the OWRC, though it can also be done in that way with the Hover Bike. And if you drive straight at it with the Zombie Car.
  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    You can do it on PC with low framerates and/or slow loading times. Which is why it's mainly a console exclusive because a lot of PCs can actually run this game above 30 FPS.

    As for that respawn you have at the other side of the bridge, there isn't one. There is a respawn at the side closest to the debris which is only accessible through the void-out triggers which are present past the fence that you are trying to access. Not by manually resetting your vehicle - that will only put you in-bounds. As that is the only place where there are registered road nodes.
  • Gadie replied to Alternate Way To Access Cut Level 7 Areas
    Y'all going a really complicated way about getting OoB here. There are quite a lot of ways to do it; the video below just shows one of the ways.

    Car resetting resets you to the nearest road, so that won't do anything for you unless you are super far OoB, so a point where the game can't even load.
    If you managed to get it done on console, that is because there are a lot of walls that you can clip through on console because of the low FPS.
    Bridge Clip, and being able to clip through the wall at the power plant entrance are two examples of this.