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  • Hunt voted on ShawAlfie800's reply to: Multi-Meme v1.5 - Release
    i have only downloaded the multi meme mod v1.4 and i dont know how to change skins im stuck as homer i dont even know to to go in multiplayer mode helppppppp
  • Hunt voted on JosephIsAce's reply to: Multi-Meme v1.5 - Release
    Please can someone tell me how I add this mod to multiplayer? I have tried putting it in the LucasMultiplayer/Mods directory but when I launch the multiplayer launch.exe, it does not work. I can get it to work on the main singleplayer using the Lucas Mod Launcher but I don't know how to launch multiplayer through the Lucas Mod Launcher (is that even possible?). I have played on Lucas Multiplayer with the standard MultiplayerCarsCharacters mod but I want to use the MemeMod. Any help would be great.