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    On that day 2nd October, I had a Domino's Pizza. Ham and mushroom with chicken strippers, four cheese bread, wedges, and a can of 7UP that I kept saved from the fridge. Really enjoyed it! ^^
  • Imp replied to Virtual Frink-ality - Level 1 Demo Out Now!
    Played through the Demo, had fun.

    starting with mission one, the details like when you pick up the clothes and homer updates to be wearing them, i like that detail, collecting a costume and you unlock it at the end.

    the data cards are fun to collect and i like how they give you hints to find more flies and cards. i did not know that they updated their descriptions between missions until later. cool idea.
    once i learned about the card hints, i was opening up that menu a lot more! Got 7/7 Cards and 15/15 Frink Flies, the card hints helped find the out of the way flies.

    the missions i enjoyed, felt they were a good challenge, yet not super easy. They give you enough time to get tasks done and don't feel unfair, good for Level 1. (i imagine the challenge mode is using the truck? haha).

    mission dialogue screens are interesting. text box progression, cool! A Lot of time must have went into getting that to work.
    Same goes for the UI Going with the VR theme. Consistent.

    Mostly, I had fun driving around and exploring the re-textured level 1. It is fun to see how different everything looks. It almost seems like a different game.
    Excited to see how this mod develops. Different Themes per level right? That is quite a task!
    keep up the great work Kenny!
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    I don't think anybody means personal offense by not having yet replied to it! I can understand some of the frustration, but I think it's the amount of effort to get it all put together.

    Mod requests are usually a fun way to get ideas going or to gauge interest, but I think most wouldn't want to just port one character model from a game over to another one. A wide variety of Star Fox models being ported as a mod pack seems like something that has a bigger chance of happening? So if someone were to make a Star Fox character model pack port, Krystal using her model from one of the GameCube era Star Fox games seems like it'd have more chance of happening.

    Don't be discouraged if nobody replies! I think a Star Fox pack would be cool, but it's a matter of capturing someone's interest and porting the models over with some animations that fit the models okay.
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    i like how everything is on its own platform. big scale. nice. i find the surrounding area interesting. was it planned to be used for something? i noticed an entry area.

    That area is actually the DM 4 Stadium, I stole it from @Loren and retextured it a little.
  • Imp replied to Mountain Drew (Version 1.0) + Version 1.1 POSTPONED
    looks interesting. will keep an eye on this.
  • Imp replied to Sharmp Sumo
    i like how everything is on its own platform. big scale. nice. i find the surrounding area interesting. was it planned to be used for something? i noticed an entry area.
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    nice variety. and spread across different levels. i like the flatbed the most

  • Imp replied to Game Boy Style Family Sedan (v1.2) Now with more Homer!

    I've seen this but forgot to reply earlier, anyway. This was a nice idea & a pretty good use of the shader filter mode! I love stuff like this, maybe you should give custom skins a try as well & make a model of Homer that goes with this car. Very very nice.

    Thank you.
    custom skin for homer ay. yeah that sounds cool, i have some ideas for how i could do that,
    to get a good result i would need to UV unwrap homer, that way i can sort of draw some details on him.
    maybe move around some parts like his hair to be more square.

    Phew done. that was fun
    had some problems with homer's eyes not blinking with the new textures. not sure what i did but they just started working lol.
    another problem i had was for some reason the game kept wanting to shorten my file names? so 'h_gbhomer_m' would become 'h_gbho_m' not sure what was going on there maybe i just wasn't paying attention to the file names. either way i conformed to the demands of the game and now it is done.
    in the future i would like to add custom animations for homer and possibly bit-crushed sounds for both the car and homer. i am not sure about how to do that yet.