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  • Ivan1997 voted on Shiinyu's reply to: Titan's Garage
    Would recommend posting some preview for your creations on this page here so people would know what you have to offer. (and I mean, not just the links to the images, although those are good too.)
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    The COPPA Mod
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    Donut Team Deluxe (Cancelled)
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  • Ivan1997 voted on Addy's reply to: ideas for my mod
    In one mission, it should take place after barney has had a rough night and decides to take it out on the town's various mascots. He will need to find and knock over at least 12 mascots before time runs out.
    Now, where have I heard of this before... ?
  • Ivan1997 voted on CCGFilms's reply to: ideas for my mod
    • The first mission could involve going to a certain area of the map (say the gas stations), and picking up beer/cola or something.
    • One of the missions might be racing Homer in Mr. Plow for a reward.
    • Since Level 3 has the Duff Brewery, perhaps there could be a mission where Barney is employed or something, and helps collect Duff for the Brewery, but makes a mistake (drops it/loses it), and therefore isn't able to keep his job.
    • Level 3 also includes the Krustylu Studio, so perhaps one of the missions could be working there. For this mission, you might need to purchase his uniform, like what he wears in Level 3 and Level 6 in the normal game, for a certain number of coins.

    Those are all the ideas I have so far. If I have any other suggestions, I'll come back to you.
  • Ivan1997 voted on Colou's reply to: Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)


    This update improves the Legitimate Businessman's Club interior, as well as various other bugfixes.

    • Improved the LBSC interior by adding more notable features to help with navigation.
    • Made the LBSC play the correct jingle upon entering.
    • Added a space to 'Donut Team' in the credits (because Loren asked me to)
    • Changed various mission text to be more specific.
      • Made the 'stolen money' text in M1 specify that they'll probably get away with the crime if they have a good lawyer, which is why you need evidence.
      • Added a text stage to M2 that specifically mentions that the note was fake. This was previously just implied, which kinda led to some confusion.
    • Added a timer to M3 to prevent players being able to cheese the Quimby destruction stage by ground pounding his car (meant to do this before release)
  • Ivan1997 voted on Surreal Bot's reply to: Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)
    If only you made a badge for using those skins.
  • Ivan1997 voted on Mazda's reply to: Futurama: Hit & Run
    I might be able to do cars for you, if you still need someone for that.
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    Level 2 Map Tweaks
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  • Ivan1997 voted on Will's reply to: Futurama: Hit & Run
    Here's a little bit of an update for you all.

    Originally we were working on a heavily modified Level 5 to be the base for the first level of the mod, but we've moved onto creating a completely original New New York map; which of course takes time, there are many factors that go into making maps, this includes collision, modelling, design schematics and revisions. But, once the level is fully complete and all the missions have been made, we'll release a BETA.