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  • Kandee replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    Any updates on the project?
  • Kandee replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    Been sitting on a comment for about a week, I've subscribed to the thread and have been religiously checking in to see how progress is going! I wanna say thank you and I think what you are doing is so great! I have some Unity knowledge myself, have been meaning to sharpen my tools though with the holidays just passing, I guess I've fallen behind with progress. Being part of this community, I've always questioned why someone hadn't attempted the idea that was practically the elephant in the room. I can't praise the project and work you are doing enough, coming from a fan who played the game as a child on repeat, I've seen some prototypes here and there by others, but your agility and determination to take on a huge concept is really exciting!

    Anyways... enough of me fangirling LOL! I would love to comment on some of the things I've seen by you over the past week! It is really great you are taking player comments/feedback into consideration!

    General Questions

    • Discord - So when I saw this, I immediately searched for you over on the Donut Team Discord, though I'm not sure if you are under a different name, or are not apart of it! You should open up a Discord server for those interested in the project, I would love to just talk or DM you ideas, as the forum isn't entirely the best way to have small talk.
    • Art Style - I see you've got a cartoon/cel-shaded style, really looking nice, but just wondering if what you've shown are just blockouts or final? Hopefully that isn't too rude to ask, that may just seem like I can't distinguish the difference! A few of the textures could be touched up (roof, house textures, etc).
    • Demo/Pre-Alpha Build - Really would love to do some small QA testing, any ideas on when you'll release a playable build, maybe for us all to test out mechanics, report bugs, give feedback on controls, etc. I read you were close to finishing the player controller, so looking forward to an update! :)
    • Help? - I'm sure many in the community would love to contribute to the project, would there be a chance you'll open up to that?

    Game Related Suggestions

    • Missions - Do you think they will be identical to the original, or vary? I feel the original game really only has like 4-5 mission types (follow, run, smash, collect, race, etc). Would there be more than these with technical advances? I think it would be great to have special missions, such as "sneaking out of the house when marge is sleeping", and there could be a mechanic of being able to "sneak". Bart, Lisa and Maggie could be awake, though your mission would be to not make them notice with their doors open. Inspired by GTA 5! Additionally, having some dialogue, though I'm sure you'll have to look through the show for snippets of show dialogue.
    • Characters - Playable characters, I don't know how many you'll go with, I assume 2-4. If you go with more/others.. Moe, Smithers, Apu, Ned, Skinner, etc. could all be good suggestions!
    • Expanding Springfield - I've seen the pictures, and you've got a good amount going! From the Donut Shop image, I can see you are going for a similar resemblance to the original layout. Do you think there will be more gag's and references to the show? Something I feel H&R missed out on is showing off the Springfield Mall, really iconic and would've made a great addition to mission/storyline of the game. They did reference in Road Rage, though I don't think their take on it was entirely accurate (from memory). Eg. Springfield Mall, Grey Hound Racing Grounds, Cemeteries (better version), etc.

    Sorry for the hard-hitting questions, hopefully it wasn't too much. I don't want to discourage or overwhelm with pressure! You are doing such a great job so far, would love to see updates as I sure am eager to see what you have achieved! Otherwise, keep up the good work! :)
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  • Kandee voted on NukedApple's reply to: Project: Hit And Run Remake
    added a video of the experimental character controller all very early and work in progress.

    nothing is final.
  • Kandee voted on NukedApple's reply to: Project: Hit And Run Remake
    kenny, thanks for your comments. i'm pleased that you like the art style i agree with the washed out colours and have already edited the texture of the glass before i posted the screenshot, it is not final as i'm still debating off i should keep that with improvements or have a rendered krusty holding the can.

    as for the levels, the plan is to fully connects all of the zones but with improvement to how the map would flow meaning most of the mission structures will pretty much be the same but with some tweaking to the timers while expanding arrears with new buildings and locations in the show. for example the industrial district in level 1 would have things along the springfield river like the little lisa recycling plant.

    as for wasps and collectibles. i'm thinking wasps will be in all locations and respawn over time and will not count towards collectible progression.

    with collectors cards i would like them to spawn in the same locations depending on what level and character you use similar to the original but with new sets that reference newer episodes and the movie.

    there will also be new gags on top of the old ones that will pay homage to newer tv moments and moments from the simpsons movie, no spoilers but one i'm excited about is maggie and her sandbox... if you seen the movie you will understand.
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    Project: Hit And Run Remake
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  • Kandee replied to Futurama: Hit & Run
    Looking forward to an update!
  • Kandee voted on Colou's reply to: Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)


    So uh...remember when I said to expect an update tomorrow?

    • Improved the vertex shading on the L1 - L2 connection.
    • Fixed another broken phonebooth in L2Z3.
    • Fixed a collision bug on the L3 - L1 connection.
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    Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)
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    [deleted user]
    Posted 3 years ago
    Not sure how far you will go with this but any attempt at recreating the game I find really impressive and I definitely want to see more.