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  • Kieran167 replied to New to modding - any pointers/advice for first project
    Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for the reply and the info. Really appreciated!

    That's all really useful too. I will definitely take it all into account. I did come across your tutorials on YouTube the other day and they looked great so I'll definitely go through them as well as some of the topics on this forum too as you suggested. I'll set aside some time to go through everything and see how far I can go.

    Thanks again

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    [deleted user]
    Posted 1 year ago
    Hey there!
    Creating a mod over another mod is possible, as an addon, but you should talk to the author first before making any decisions
    As for modding in general - I'd advice you to start off by creating separate independent mods just for fun and/or learning purposes.
    I suggest you to either watch the tutorials you found, find some more here, or simply lurk inside the game files, trying to make out how they work on your own. Additionally, joining the DT Discord would prove itself very useful
    Creating mods isn't really a hard process, mostly depends on the complexity and your personal time constraints. I'd advice you to start off with a simple retexture mod, then move onto custom missions, and finally, 3D Modelling
    As for 3D modelling - I...can't really explain how to learn it, just try to model stuff out in general. Personally, I just jumped into Blender without any learning, and every 2 minutes or so went googling on how to make a certain thing in it. Naturally, I was able to remember stuff and move on

    That's kinda it, hope this helps!
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