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Hello, Donut Team community! I'm MarioGaming64.

Creator of The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus.
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  • MarioGaming64 replied to Race Mission Crashes immediately

    I think the problem is right here. You're loading Level 2 map data while using PedGroup 5.

    PedGroup 5 is the group used in the trailer park area of Level 1. I've experienced crashes (while working on SHAR PLUS) from the game using a PedGroup that isn't the correct one for the level region(s) that are being loaded, so I think this is the most-likely culprit of the crash.

    What you should do is change the PedGroup to the one corresponding to the map region where you start the mission:
    l2r1.p3d (the construction site area) --> UsePedGroup(9);
    l2z1.p3d (the town center) --> UsePedGroup(8);
    l2r4.p3d (the Stadium area) --> UsePedGroup(14);

    That should (hopefully) fix the crashing.

    P.S. -- Yes, vehicle locators should be Type 3, not Type 0. (Type 0 is mainly for "goto" triggers.)
  • MarioGaming64 replied to Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)
    That crash/error is associated with Moe himself. If the game can't load Moe (as an ambient character) when you enter the tavern, then it displays that error message and/or crashes the game.

    The way I "fixed" it in SHAR PLUS was by removing the following line from CustomInteriorSupport.ini:
  • MarioGaming64 voted on SMF2r0cky6's reply to: [Mod] Asphalt Rivals - Official Thread
    when is this being continued or at least someone else should do so
  • MarioGaming64 replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus - Version 1.01 Update
    Version 1.01 of the mod is now available! You can download it by clicking here.

    • L1M6: removed the time limit from the "Return to the Simpsons' house" objective
    • L1M7: modified Smithers's path so that he doesn't take the gas station shortcut on the rich side of town (this is to prevent Smithers from getting stuck on a wall should he take the shortcut)
    • L1C1: added a new bitmap image
    • L1C2: added a new bitmap image
    • L1C3: added a new bitmap image
    • L2C1: added a new bitmap image
    • L2C2: added a new bitmap image
    • L2C3: added a new bitmap image
    • removed all doorbells across Level 1 and Level 2
    • changed "Hover Car Refraction" from being a required hack into being a required mod (this was done to keep it required while also preventing a game crash from happening should the user have this hack disabled when launching the mod)
    • increased CubeShapeLimit from 4800 to 6000
    • removed the ambient characters drinking inside Moe's Tavern
    • removed the ambient characters standing in line inside the DMV
    • removed the ambient characters playing with the toy bus inside the Android's Dungeon
  • MarioGaming64 replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus - Version 1.01 Update
    Well this is awkward. Upon replaying the same exact mission five times, I found that the mod doesn't crash only when majority of QoL hacks are disabled. (Not counting Debug Test and FMSLR) Even though I've never had this crash with exact same ModLauncher configuration I really shouldn't blame you guys for that either since I don't know how to fix it myself. (Compatibility warning could be added, perhaps?)
    Weasel on a Stick

    What hack(s) did you have enabled when the mod crashed? Perhaps I can figure out which hack(s) caused the crash and then set them as "conflicting mods" in an update.
  • MarioGaming64 replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus - Version 1.01 Update
    Mission-warping from Level 2 back to L1M2 works just fine for me... and going from L1M7 to L2 (automatically after completing L1) also works just fine. (And I don't have the "Force Mission Select Level Reload" hack enabled.)

    Not sure why your game is crashing in these spots; everything worked fine for me and the beta testers.
  • MarioGaming64 replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run Plus - Version 1.01 Update
    The three beta testers and I never spotted that crash... because it literally never happened to any of us. You're the first person to report this crash.

    Not sure what you did to make it crash, because mission-warping to L1M2 works just fine for me (and for the beta testers). Are you perhaps using any additional mods or anything?
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  • MarioGaming64 replied to SHAR's Russian Translation
    Hoverbike - D (LOL. What?)

    How did "Donut Truck" become "Money Truck"? Lol... fail.

    It's things like this that make me question: Why translate into Russian if it's going to be THIS bad? Lol...

    Advice: If your translations are this bad... just leave the game in English.
  • MarioGaming64 replied to How to Redirect Files using LUA
    The thing about the mfk.lua file is that is was created by the Donut Team. (I did link a download to it in one of my tutorials, but I did give credit to Donut Team for creating that file.)

    Also, that tutorial that I put it in is the only place where you can get that file. You may want to include it on the Downloads page, Loren. It'll greatly help others.