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  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    Hey all, I made a fair amount of progress on the project but out of reasons out of my control i cannot continue and will be taking down the videos.

    apologies if this causes any disappointment and thanks for all the comments and support.
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    Hey LiquidWIFI.
    wow DID NOT expect this to catch your attention, thanks for the comments.
    if your ever interested in an early build in the near future let me know. ( Hopefully you can leave Homer 1 ;) )

    I have added some new screenshots from a Dev Build that should hopefully show some improvement from the last screenshots while also teasing a few new buildings.
  • NukedApple voted on LiquidWiFi's reply to: Project: Hit And Run Remake
    This looks awesome! I'll be watching this and I'm very excited to see it.
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    Hey all!

    level 1 teaser coming next week i hope!
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    looool yeah he kinda dose, and i kinda feel him too.

    probably obvious but animations not my strong point lol.
    i'm currently redoing all of the animations and character models, but for now i'm using the original anims and character models on a temporary basis until mine are all done.
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    Homer walks like he's depressed. I feel him.
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    hey Kandee,

    i would love to give some updates... just not yet be busy doing other things but have started applying more time on the project again recently.

    i have a lot of things to tweak, then i maybe able to show footage of the tutorial mission and show off the first level.

    hopefully in a week or so :)
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    hi, AnsMaximuz20. i'm aware of the great work colou is doing, im just changing the layout a little bit for new mechanics that i think would go... swimmingly :).
  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    hi, kandee.

    first let me apologise for the late response been busy working on the project pretty much non stop. now to answer some of your questions...

    I haven't started a discord yet but am 100% considering it, would love to get ideas and feedback.

    Art style:
    at first i wasn't sure about the shading of the materials but i'm starting to like it, i wanted to go for a similar look to the show rather than a stylised look of the original game but didn't want it to be completely cel shaded like the simpsons game. but i am planning on experimenting with outlines and maybe adding a setting if people have a split opinion.

    pre alpha demo:
    the character controller is almost pretty much done, got it to a stage i was happy with the re wrote all the code and made it cleaner so it's easier just to add new things if i need to.

    there isn't much playability at the moment just a little testing sandbox of sorts, with collectibles and things for testing.

    and yes all the models and textures are not final and they are just the basic shape to block out the map and will all be improved in an asset pass a little later on.
    i have already improved a couple of houses and started some of the textures i'm just trying to strike the right balance between asset creation, level building and coding the mechanics.

    Map Changes and Characters and Missions:
    the goal is to create a fully connected map but with new locations, but i'm not going to reveal to much just yet.

    only the original playable characters are going to be added... for now.

    missions are planned to be the same again... for now.

    and defiantly new gags and vehicles and outfits.

    there will also be some easter eggs that won't be apparent but will be unique references and...impacts ("there's something strange with that SoP sign") < credit to anyone who gets this>

  • NukedApple replied to Project: Hit And Run Remake
    hi Jake, not rude at all.

    very grateful for the advice :)