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Hello! 👋​ I am PikachuFlixVegas, I am a DonutTeam modder since 2020! I am mainly dedicated to making 3D models, such as cities, custom interiors, etc. 🏙️​ I also dedicate myself to making campaign mods (story mods), such as police stories, horror stories, stories taken from other real video games, fantasy stories, etc. 🕵️​👻​
And I even love doing 3D art, so I'm attaching pictures of some of the work I've done. 😜

Interior of the Simpsons house

Snake pointing a gun up outside of Krusty's study

The interior of Springfield Elementary School with Skinner and Edna

And from time to time I do other types of mods, like new assets for your mods. 🌊​
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