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Donut Team QA - mainly for Lua related things.

If you want to add native international release support to your story mods, check this tutorial.
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An Unusual Christmas Created by maz Last played on March 24th, 2022
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Some Law Enforcement Mod Created by Surreal Bot Last played on February 28th, 2022
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Cops: In Springfield Created by Colou Last played on September 26th, 2021
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  • Josh / Proddy replied to Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha: Feedback & Suggestions
    Just speaking for myself, not the team, but here goes:
    I hope this ModBakery won't be overwhelming/confusing for new SHAR modders and that it won't make forums obselete.
    I don't see it making the forums obsolete, the majority of the system is going to be the same, just linked to ModBakery instead of MEGA or Dropbox.

    • Will we be able to filter out unreleased mods?
    That makes sense to me, don't see why not.

    • Will we be able to sort releases by release/update date?
    There is already a Last Updated sort option.

    • Can "release type" and "category" filters be merged since release types are already in the categories dropdown?
    It makes sense to add an "All X" option under each category and remove the type option.

    • Will we be able to edit pages for our own mods/tools that were migrated by DT
    At the moment, this is a read-only version, and everything was added manually. You will be able to update your own releases in the future, but for now feel free to DM me (and potentially other staff) on Discord (Proddy#7272) and I'll take a look.

    • Will we be able to create "releases" marked as "coming soon"?
    I don't know on this one, I personally feel a "coming soon" would be better as just a forum post, but there are already some "coming soon" items on the read-only site, so I imagine they're supported.

    • Will we be able to change the background of the ModBakery page? Maybe have shuffle options or static screenshots/flat colors
    I imagine themes, which would cover this, would be something further down the pipeline. Is the purpose behind this that the random images are annoying/distracting?

    • Will we get "<" , "<<", ">" and ">>" (previous, first, next and last pages) buttons for navigating bakery pages?
    I actually brought this up just after release, and it's something already in the pipeline.

    • Will that one other Mod Jam #2 submission get added to the ModBakery category?
    I'm probably just out of the loop, but I don't know which mod this is. DM me if you want and I'll take a look.

    • Will other Mod Jams/Contests get added as categories on the bakery?
    The aim, to my understanding, is for all mods to be on the bakery, so I guess yes.

    • Will that new navigation bar transition to donutteam, forum.donutteam and docs.donutteam for consistency?
    The global nav bar is intended to be just that, global. Meaning that all sites will have easy access to all other sites under the Donut Team banner. This is just the first site to have it implemented live.

    • Will we be able to search ONLY through mod bakery or will it always just redirect to forum search?
    I assume this is related to the global nav search, it is my understanding that will search any or all of Forum, Docs and the Bakery.

    • Will ModBakery get its own favicon? (Maybe dt docs too?)
    No idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Maybe my tweaked version of Lucas' XML blender add-on could be uploaded and put on the same page as Lucas' original add-on?
    I'm not sure if it would go on the same page, or if the official one will be updated, I'll raise it.

    • Are all user made mods/tools/add-ons gonna be put on ModBakery eventually? Apart from popular must-play mods I'm also particularly interested in essential tools and add-ons since those are often hard to find even if you know what you're looking for. Releases such as Tay's texture to p3dxml add-on, humble brag #2 Collision editor and Skeleton converter+Animation converter
    I don't know if they'll be added whilst it's still read-only, but in the future I expect they will be. Mod Bakery's aim is to be the central location for all mods, tools and resources for Donut Team's services.

    • Are there any plans on potentially integrating ModBakery and ModLauncher? Maybe add the ability to upload/download mods directly using the launcher? This question is the last one for a reason.
    For now, I don't think so. I've personally been thinking of being able to download mods directly through the launcher, but hadn't considered uploading. This is definitely something that needs further internal discussion before the bakery leaves read-only.

    I would like to re-iterate that these are all my own viewpoints, I didn't confer with the team before replying, so don't take it as gospel.

  • Josh / Proddy replied to Game never progresses past first screen
    Ok I let it run for a while out of curiousity and after several minutes it loaded, which is very odd, but solved, I suppose. I will try to make the game load faster.


    The hack that Maz shared does also affect some instances of W10, so you should try it and see if it resolves that issue for you.

  • Josh / Proddy voted on Donut Team's topic: Our plans to launch a Patreon page
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  • Josh / Proddy replied to Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

    I have a problem with the mod, when I start the dialog before the mission the game stops and the dialog does not play.
    I need help

    Hi Blisst_22, can I ask what language your game is in? If it's anything other than English, you probably need to use the mod along side International Support.

  • Josh / Proddy voted on Donut Team's topic: Tuesday Topics #17: On Modding
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    Tuesday Topics #17: On Modding
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  • Josh / Proddy replied to Collector card template
    Thanks for this Jay, I was looking into doing similar for another project, glad I don't have to now.
  • Josh / Proddy voted on Colou's reply to: Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)


    Today is the 2 year anniversary of Cops: in Springfield's release (oh god it's been 2 years already). So, to celebrate(?), here's another update! While nowhere near as big as the last update, there's still quite a lot of notable improvements in this one.

    • General
      • Made the mod decompilable (at last- I'd been meaning to do this since before 1.1 came out).
      • Updated some names in the mod's description and in the credits.
      • Updated the scrapbook image for "Wiggum - PI" to match the model in-game.
      • Updated the design of the medals.
      • Reverted most of the upscaled "HD" HUD elements back to their original sprites.
        • This was a bit of a tough decision to make, but I decided to do this as I felt a number of the HD sprites were pretty poorly made, and they stuck out quite a lot against the rest of the low-res HUD elements. Sometime soon (hopefully) I want to completely overhaul the UI and create high-res versions of all HUD elements, but until that's done I think it would be better to stick with the low-res sprites for consistency.
        • On the plus side, it means those HUD elements no longer look like crap when playing the game at low resolutions.
      • Increased the jump height of the custom vents in the LBSC region.
      • Converted dialogue that was still stored in RSD format to OGG.
      • Replaced the 'Disable Copyrighted Music' setting with a new 'Disable External Music' setting.
        • This new setting removes the custom music taken from other Simpsons games, allowing you to play with just the Hit & Run soundtrack.
        • The copyrighted music has been removed from the mod entirely, since I felt it was unnecessary and didn't really fit with the rest of the soundtrack.
      • Made some improvements to Duff Defenders:
        • Redesigned the health bar of the Duff Truck.
        • You can now see the health bar of the vehicle you're destroying in the first wave.
        • The game now explicitly tells you how much you earned at the end of your shift.
        • Tweaked some of Moe's dialogue.
    • L1M2
      • Fixed the Death Trigger not properly covering the mobsters (I believe it was still using death triggers from an earlier version of the mission).
    • L1M5
      • Moved the carstart position so that the camera doesn't glitch out when you get into your vehicle.
      • Made it so that the player is locked into place for the 'wait for Fat Tony' stage.
    • L1M6
      • Added a custom damage effect when ramming into Homer's car.
      • Fixed the game randomly placing Wiggum in the wrong position after the conversation with Homer.
    • Street Race 2
      • Added new music for this mission (this was actually meant to be added in the original release, but I never got around to it).
    • Bonus Mission
      • Fixed the WWII Jeep using the wrong shadow parameters.
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    Collector card template
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    The Donut.. mod
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  • Josh / Proddy replied to Can't Load a Mission

    @Lucas Cardellini took a look at the crash dumps you sent, and it appears that a car called policeRR, with a CON file located in missions\l1m4\policeRR.con, was attempted to be loaded shortly before the crash. These files aren't part of the base game, nor are they referenced in the base scripts, so best guess is you have a mod loaded that tries to load those files, but does not have them present.