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  • Sol Scorcher replied to Bart's Halloween Caper
    Hey Addy, dunno if you've encountered this, but every time I start to control the RC car the mod crashes no matter what. I'll update you if I can figure out what's going on.
  • Sol Scorcher replied to Bart's Halloween Caper
    I really appreciate you didn't make the wrenches too easy to find, I really have to look in every corner of the map. One thing I didn't understand was what am I supposed to "avoid" during the part where Bart had to collect the cola crate? I just kept failing the mission as I walked over to collect it. Other than that, I like how you don't fail the player if their car explodes during a race, and the difficulty seems to be just right. Good work m8.
  • Sol Scorcher replied to Halloween
    Halloween's already happened here in my time zone. Nobody on my street celebrates it, so streets have been dead silent. I just played the new Halloween mod, but I kinda wish I partook in it more, oh well.