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  • TuxedoSalt replied to Missing hacks, unable to use mods - please help
    This is odd, and I'm not quite sure why it happens. Someone has suggested me that you could move everything that comes inside Mods folder into Documents/My Games/Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher/Mods, maybe that could fix it.
    If that doesn't fix it, please add my Discord Police Car#4790 so we could discuss it a little more in-depth.

    Hey so I finally decided to bite the bullet and redownload the launcher. This has actually fixed the issues as far as I can tell - I'm nolonger getting missing hack notices, and have all of the mods on the list now to be selected/unselected. It must've been some stupid issue with the failed download somehow? I'm not sure. Either way, thank you so much for helping!
  • TuxedoSalt replied to Missing hacks, unable to use mods - please help
    Hello again, you could try a reinstall if you feel like it might help.
    Question though, have you taken everything out of legacy & put it inside Mods? I kind of admit I had a poor communication in there and didn't tell you to copy each file from legacy to Mods. Try doing that before reinstalling, might save you time!

    I had extracted into the mods folder, and overwrote all the double-ups. When I had my issues downloading the launcher, the download had to restart a few times (chrome was not my ally that day). So I'm assuming it might've missed some stuff from that.

    Some mods still work, being;
    -Random Input
    - No Peds
    - No Audio
    - Repair Car On Reset
    - Speedometer
    - No HUD
    - No Traffic

    Otherwise, I'm at a loss as to what's happening. I'm sorry if I'm not providing enough info, as I am very new to modding in any capacity. If there's any other info needed I'll be happy to provide.
  • TuxedoSalt replied to Missing hacks, unable to use mods - please help
    Which version of the launcher are you using? The latest one should include all the latest hacks.
    However, I believe some settings have been retired for some reason, so I have uploaded them for you here.
    These should go in the Mods folder: Download

    I am using the latest version for the Lucas Mod Launcher, being 1.26.1

    I downloaded that legacy folder and put it into my mods folder, but it still has the exact same problems.
    The exact wording I am getting on launch is "The 'Hack Support' hack is not loaded. Please make sure you correctly extracted all of the files".

    After I click "Ok", it gives me the message explaining what mods aren't loading hacks. Do I need to try and reinstall the launcher or something? Because I had issues downloading the launcher file in the first place for some reason, and am wondering if I have to go through that again.

    Thank you so much for your help so far.
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