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A person from Sweden who likes to sing and dance and theater. Just trying to learn how to make my own mod!
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    Donut Mod Public Beta: Issues
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    Exactly. I'm aware that many people don't have the same opinion as me, and I'm not bothered that people are downvoting me. Opinion is what the upvote/downvote system is made for. What I am bothered about however are comments like that. They are not helpful, nor do they contribute anything to the community. And what irks me most is that Max has effectively encouraged comments like that by saying "If anyone else in the community wants to use a tone similar to mine, more power to them." I understand what he's trying to say, but the tone makes it sound more like encouraging useless comments, such as Joro88's.

    Now, regarding the original post, I wrote that while I was very busy with irl things and was very stressed out, and as such the tone came off as very aggressive, and I said things I probably wouldn't have had I been in a better and more emotionally stable state. But I do still agree with core elements of the post. It's clear that if people keep asking the same question, and receiving the same answer, then there must be something that isn't quite satisfactory here. 'It isn't ready' can be applied to almost every delayed project that DT have made, and it's a very vague response. There's nothing given to indicate why it wasn't ready on time, or how long that it's probably going to be delayed further for. I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself, but whenever I make a post like this these points always seem to get overlooked, and some of the more 'controversial' comments brought up instead.

    Again, I'm not begging for Donut Mod to be released, I'm not saying you're doing a bad job (I know I sort of implied that in the last post but as I explained earlier I wasn't in the best state) and I hope you continue doing great things in the future.
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    Honestly I now understand because I'm in the same boat with my mods. For the past 3 weeks I've gotten 30+ hours a week over the course of 5-6 days a week. Honestly when I get home I'm tired. I only have so much free time and I've put modding and YouTube on hold. Having a job may seem awesome at first, (and on payday) but in the end it's both physically and mentally exhausting. Pardon my two cents here, but just the fact Jake, Loren and co. are not burnt out by now is a miracle in itself. At the end of the day what matters is that Donut Team are dedicated to both finishing the mod, and keeping it up to quality standard. However I don't understand why members of the community get so heated when delays and other difficulties occur. There are plenty of community mods created by amazing people, and the tools to create mods for SHAR are easy to acquire and are straight-forward. There is help available on the Donut Team discord server. To wrap things up, the dedication of the staff is commendable, and creations from the community keep getting better and better as time goes on.
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    Posted 4 years ago
    Again, we'd really prefer if people would post legitimate questions about Donut Mod here rather than complaining about the time it's taken. This conversation has gone on for about two thread pages now and I think the question has already been answered: it'll be done when it's done. This is a small operation and making a quality product takes time. Thanks everyone for sticking with us during this long wait. From what I've heard the final product is going to be excellent and well worth the extra time it's taken. We should consider this matter closed for now.
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    Having a tough situation...
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    Jake and I spent a few hours on this update video tonight and the video project for it is fairly assembled now and we have most of the raw assets (screenshots, videos and music) together for it.

    That said, I just want to be transparent and say this is not likely to come out this month like I previously stated. We could stay up and finish it right now but it's 4AM at the time of writing this and we both have work tomorrow so it would not be ideal. I would also like to re-record my commentary for it when I'm less tired as I don't really like how it came out when I recorded it a few hours ago.

    I apologize for the slight delay but the video should be out either tomorrow night (Saturday, September 1st) or the day after (Sunday, September 2nd).
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    can you finish yet to download