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  • CCGFilms replied to Super Challenge Mod - Version V1.11 [UPDATE]

    I've had a go at this mod and while I do enjoy it, there are many errors that have made the mod a lot less fun.

    For starters, it appears that in later levels, less care has been placed into the mod. By Level 5, it became clear that you had cared less about the overall presentation of the mod, and cared more about creating whatever missions you could. As an example, in L5M2, Apu is told to "Talk to Apu", with the icon as Homer. Another example is L3M2, where the player is told to "Reach all the checkpoints before your opponent does" to begin the mission at the Krustylu Studios. There are also countless grammatical errors across each level. I think it would be wise to go back and edit most of the missions and make sure that they make sense.

    The missions themselves are okay, but lack consistency in their difficulty. For example, L1M7 was perfectly doable with no difficulty, but I really struggled with L2M1. L2M6 is a mission that is actually impossible to complete if the player collects the last few monkeys on top of the monorail station, with their vehicle parked next to the stairs. I had to park my car outside of the Googolplex Theatre in order to head back to the stadium within the time limit, and even then, I only had one second left remaining in the WW2 vehicle. As the mission is called "In the Nick of Time", it makes sense that the player would only have a couple or a few seconds left at the end of the mission, and I guess that if the player were to collect the monkeys near the fire engine jump last, then they would have time, but it makes distinctive sense to get the nearest items first, rather than making a detour to another side of the area first.

    There is also too much of a reliance on "lunatic drivers". Many missions which include this mechanic are incredibly difficult, due to how fast and strong the opposing vehicles are, versus the car the player drives. L3M5 is a prime example, where the "lunatic driver" makes the mission overly difficult, which made the mission less fun to complete. Some missions, particularly those in Level 4, don't even need to have an opponent. The hearse in L4M1 and L4M2 spawns outside of the boundaries, thus making them completely pointless. Many other types of missions were also repeated too often, such as following a vehicle and collecting 7 items.

    I was expecting this mod to be in no way connected to the actual plot of the proper Hit & Run game because of the title, and I feel like that was your intent, but I felt like by Level 3, you sort of gave up on good mission ideas, and decided to use the main missions of the game, and effectively replicate them with a minor tweak.

    I'm not suggesting that you completely redesign this mod, but what I am saying is that you should take extra care when making a mod, and go back and make some adjustments. You can very easily remove the "lunatic drivers" from half of the missions that contain them, and the mod would immediately be a better experience. When starting a mission with a blue circle, the task box could say "Start the mission in the blue circle" or something along those lines, rather than "Drive to [location]" as most of them say. I'd also increase the timer by 5-10 seconds for certain tasks in several missions. I understand that the mod is called "Super Challenge Mod", and I was definitely expecting a challenge, but I wasn't expecting something complicatedly difficult and near-impossible.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you take into consideration what I've said here. This is some simple constructive criticism, and shouldn't be taken personally.

  • CCGFilms replied to Level 8 - The Next Day (Cancelled)

    I have joined the main Donut Team Discord server. If there are any ideas you want me to give you, please feel free to contact me on Discord, as I am free most of the time.

    - YTCCG88, sent at 10:30 GMT, 23/03/20.
  • CCGFilms voted on Daniel's reply to: Level 8 - The Next Day (Cancelled)

    nice ideas you had, although I don't think we can make more characters playable in a single level. Anyway the others ideas are pretty neat. Would you like to join our server? Your help with the plot would be precious.
  • CCGFilms replied to Level 8 - The Next Day (Cancelled)
    Here's my take on it:

    It's November 1, the day after Homer put an end to Kang and Kodos' plans. Despite all the praise he receives, there's nuclear waste and zombies everywhere. Plus, Kamala, Kang and Kodos' niece, has been informed that Kang and Kodos are dead. Kamala decides to commit on killing the Simpsons.

    Each member of the family (perhaps excluding Maggie) has a mission each. The remaining 3 missions, can be taken up by Apu, Ned and maybe Cletus or Moe.

    I'm not really sure exactly what the missions will consist of, but there's my backstory for it.

    - YTCCG88, sent at 5:25pm.
  • CCGFilms voted on Ruan De Jager's reply to: Level 8 - The Next Day (Cancelled)
    Oh Boy I' Can Wait For Level 8 To Play Before Download Okay
  • CCGFilms replied to The Cola Conspiracy DEMO Release
    Thank you.
  • CCGFilms replied to ideas for my mod
    • The first mission could involve going to a certain area of the map (say the gas stations), and picking up beer/cola or something.
    • One of the missions might be racing Homer in Mr. Plow for a reward.
    • Since Level 3 has the Duff Brewery, perhaps there could be a mission where Barney is employed or something, and helps collect Duff for the Brewery, but makes a mistake (drops it/loses it), and therefore isn't able to keep his job.
    • Level 3 also includes the Krustylu Studio, so perhaps one of the missions could be working there. For this mission, you might need to purchase his uniform, like what he wears in Level 3 and Level 6 in the normal game, for a certain number of coins.

    Those are all the ideas I have so far. If I have any other suggestions, I'll come back to you.
  • CCGFilms replied to Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Story Mode Announcement)
    Funny yet charming. Looking forward to the rest of this mod. :)
  • CCGFilms replied to The Cola Conspiracy DEMO Release
    Just curious, what is the name of the music in Mission 5?
  • CCGFilms voted on The Hell Inspector's topic: Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (Story Mode Announcement)