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  • aredfan replied to Texture fixes
    Version 1.2:
    • The name of this project is now changed to Texture fixes.
    • I've removed the pale lines to the left and right of the moon. This change affects level 7 and the bonus game racetrack which have the same skybox.
    Before | After

    Version 1.3:
    • Removed black pixels from the coast found in level 3 and the bonus game's 3rd racetrack.

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    Yeah Christmas!
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    A closed captions mod for cutscenes, conversations, gags and random things characters say is something I don't know how to create, sorry. It'll probably involve a lot of code which I have no experience with.

    My subtitles mod is actually simple in comparison because what I did was add hardsubs to the movie files using a video editor.
  • aredfan replied to English subtitles for movies

    Version 1.0 is now available with all 7 movies done!

    A few notes:
    • There are a few scenes where it may be hard to make out the subtitles, but I'm happy with the subtitle style as it is.
    • Feedback on spellings/grammar is welcome, that sort of thing.
    • The movies can also be viewed on YouTube, links in the op.
    • Happy Watching!
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    Version 1.1:

    I've ended up incorporating another fix into this mod. Level 3 uses the wrong texture for the 'Eat Deer' sign, you can tell the difference by the doctor's darkened face.

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    Texture fixes
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    @Kenny Giles

    Thank you kindly for your feedback, I appreciate it. The typos you've mentioned have been corrected. The download link is updated with the newest movie, and the youtube video is updated too.

    I'm glad you like the font used for the subtitles, it's Arial btw. I've also made a choice to use the colour yellow for the font because it seemed like a good fit for the Simpsons.

    BTW I'm interested in your Proof of Concept subtitles mod, and it's actually your work which inspired me to start this project. I hope someday there will be a mod which adds subtitles to all dialogue during gameplay,
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    This is a neat little project to see pop up out of the blue!

    I do notice that there's some minor typos in the attached video demonstration of fmv1A.rmv. Krusty actually says "is made from the finest sugars and waters" instead of "made of the finest sugar and waters" around the 0:13 mark. The wrong 'too' is also used around the 0:16 mark when Krusty mentions the special ingredient being "too hot for the FDA" .

    However, the font choice and accuracy to everything else is really nicely done! The upscale job doesn't look that bad either at a glance. Is there any plans to potentially have the upscaled video files without the subtitles enabled as a separate mod of sorts? I could potentially see that being useful for playing the game at a higher resolution on PC.

    Thanks for sharing! I'll try to give the mod a shot myself.
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    English subtitles for movies
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