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    Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
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    I found this game back in 2011 after finding the trailer for it on Youtube. I was about 10 at the time and I was just looking up Simpsons clips when I saw "Simpsons Hit and Run" come up in the search bar as one of the predicted searches. I clicked it and watched the trailer and then found a let's play of the game made by this guy named Slim Kirby (who recently started doing a replay of the game). I watched the entire Let's Play (runining the whole game for me) and then I deciced "hey, I want to play this!"

    I knew I had a PS2 which used to belong to my Uncle, so I ordered the game off Amazon and I was so excited when it finally arrived. On the day I got the game, I had to do some chores before going out to my sports club later on, which I completely forgot to do and got told off by my Mum for not doing them, threatening to take away the game if I didn't do my chores.

    Ended up finishing the game a couple weeks later, forgetting about it for the most part, though it came back into my head from time to time and I did a playthrough again back in 2015 for the fun of it and then another one back in 2018 (which I finished in only 2 days). I knew about Donut Team from a video made by Did you know Gaming about Hit and Run, but I didn't make an account here or started playing the mod until recently since it peaked my interest after playing the game fully for the third time and I have been watching a lot more Simpsons episodes in my spare time.

    Slimkirby video
    Did you know Gaming video
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    The prototype was brought from AssemblerGames by YouTube user MattJ155, who then dumped it onto MEGA. In case you wanted it, I cannot provide a download link as it violates Donut Team's rules.
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    Despite it being just a retelling if the beginning of Clown without Pity, I like it!
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