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    I lost my all my mods
    jcilley97 made this topic 7 months ago
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  • jcilley97 replied to The Audi TT
    I actually recreated this 4-5 years ago when I was making mods for the launcher. I made a few car mods over the years but not many of them, including this one. I did this one 4-5 years ago and had it archived, but it never really was a hit because I was just a beginner. I actually posted the Audi TT on an old thread awhile ago. If anybody wants the files, here are the links:


    UPDATE: I reuploaded the links to the same site and replaced the old ones because I was seeing if anything was wrong with the files.
  • jcilley97 voted on [deleted user]'s reply to: Ford Aerostar 2.0 Released and other goodies
    [deleted user]
    Posted 4 years ago
    The intro is the best, lmao

    Well, the shadow is a bit off, same for the collision, and the car feels non-fitting for the game, since, it's SHaR...Or it's me, not liking everything from the real world

    But still, that's an interesting mod and a job well done!
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  • jcilley97 made a new topic
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  • jcilley97 replied to Pure3D Editor Problem
    Did you install .NET framework 3.5? because I had this issue once and that solved it.
    on Windows XP, you have to install the executable from Microsoft's website and install it, I think not too sure If Windows XP came with it. On Windows Vista i think it comes with the system not sure. but i think in Windows 7, 8, and 10 you go to Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn Windows Features on/off and check all the boxes relating to .NET Framework 3.5. Not sure if it is the same on Windows Vista but you can install it i think from Windows Update in Windows Vista and that's it! hope this helps
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    Ford Aerostar 1.2 Released
    jcilley97 made this topic 5 years ago
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  • jcilley97 replied to lucas' mod launcher is giving me trouble PLEASE HELP!!!
    The permission errors are somehow gone because I hit download on edge when I downloaded the mod launcher and then extracted it to my downloads folder instead of clicking run and extracting the launcher to a temp directory. I don't know how that could of possibly helped but that section of the problem is gone.
    Have you restarted your computer? As similar issues on Windows 10 can be potentially fixed by doing this.
    I always shutdown the computer when windows is running. I never fully shut it down. somewhere I read that it is bad for computers to do a hard shutdown. maybe I need to do a command to scan for errors on the disk like sfc /scannow in the command prompt to fix sector errors and then restart or scan for malware. that could possibly be the problem I don't know. and if those things don't help I might have to reinstall windows or if possible, take extreme measures like replacing my hard drive depending on the severity of the problem.
  • jcilley97 replied to lucas' mod launcher is giving me trouble PLEASE HELP!!!
    If you right-click on the mod and click on "Show In File Explore", does it show a folder? If so, that's why. It's already decompiled. Already decompiled mods do not have a way to decompile them, just compile

    It was decompiled at one point but it thinks the directory i still there even after deleting it..i did that and the shows a directory. but the directory is gone. it thinks I still have it. it gives me a similar error like when you hit the forward/back buttons in file explorer and the folder is deleted when you go to that directory. it thinks the file is still on the computer when it is not. it will show you a similar error since the mod launcher is unusable, this is the error I get when I click on show in file explorer
    Here is the error I get every time I open the launcher
    but if I click show in explorer the same thing happens.

    Permission errors? I need a screenshot of this as well, since I have no clue what you're referring to. You should never delete anything from your registry without explicit directions from the publisher of the software.
    The registry has data that lets your computer boot, deleting random things is extremely bad. But in this case, it's not nearly as bad.

    I know that about the registry.I never delete anything like the windows registry files. I can tell whether something is a system file and I never delete anything really random. I just do that to fix some problems. like the problem I mentioned where it thinks the meta.ini is still there when it is not there. when I delete something, it thinks I still have it. here is the error I get when I try to launch the game or do anything in the launcher

    If you look at my files, those files are not in the mods folder
    but it thinks they are. I guess the only way around it is to reinstall windows all together.
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