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I lost my all my mods
And now everyone i... replied to jcilley97's topic 5 months ago
At one point, my account I lost my password and the security key, so my mods are nowhere on the internet. My mods include my Ford Aerostar 2.0 and a custom Audi TT. Does DT still have those cars on the server? If so, can you people please send me the links to those cars? much help appreciate...
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Ford Aerostar 2.0 Released and other goodies
Someone replied to jcilley97's topic 4 years ago
Hello! This is the new page for the Ford Aerostar car updates since the page I made last was 3 years old. But anyways, I am linking all of my Ford Aerostar mods for the community. Ford Aerostar 1.1 and Ford Aerostar 1.2 and the all new Ford Aerostar 2.0! Aerostar 1.1 is just an update of the buggy 1...
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