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  • logaz replied to Early Level 4 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    I also noticed that the air vent near the corner of the room is instead what appears to be a yellow elevator. It looks like the elevator in the construction site in levels 2/5, but yellow instead of grey.

    Also, there are no pedestrians. This could mean that either the nuclear plant worker was not made yet, or that there were originally no workers in the power plant.
  • logaz replied to Traffic In Shortcuts
    Go into the "developer" tab in the mod launcher, and right-click on the "Debug Test" option, and choose "Settings". In the window that opens up, open the "Vehicles" tab and scroll down until you see a checkbox that says "Override Maximum Cars". Check this box, but don't change anything else. Click "OK", and enable the "Debug Test" mod. The traffic cars will now drive in most (but not all) shortcut routes.
  • logaz replied to Randomiser
    This is a very nice idea that puts large amounts of replayability into the game.
    But I think that this could be taken a step further.
    Here are a few recommendations for future updates. It's up to you if you want to implement them or not.
    I think that the next thing you need to do with this is randomize the cars that the AI uses, and make the AI cars use paramiters (.con files) for the car that is randomly chosen, not the parameters made specifically for that mission. (for example, if you are doing a race mission, such as S-M-R-T or Getting Down With the Clown, and the F1 car is chosen, you are going to have a tough time, but if the donut truck is chosen, it will be really easy, and for a destroy mission, if the speed rocket is chosen, it will be very easy, but if something like the armored car is chosen it will be very hard) This would add lots more replayability to the game, and makes the difficulty unpredictable as well, like how randomizer tools for other games such as Pokemon and Mario do.
    Also I think that it would also be a nice touch if you could randomize the traffic cars and the bonus cars as well.
    Again, these are just some recommendations. It is up to you to decide whether to implement them or not.

    Also, I'm not sure whether this should be considered a bug or not, but when I was doing the mission "Petty theft Homer", the car randomly chosen was the Family Sedan, and there were two Homers in the car! One in the driver's seat and another in the passenger's seat.
  • logaz replied to Can Somebody Make A Vehicle Mod For This?
    No actually. I tend to stay away from anything similar to online social media, because even if I did use it, I wouldn't find time or any reason to use it very often.
  • logaz replied to Can Somebody Make A Vehicle Mod For This?
    When uploading my first mod (Simpsons hit and run google translate edition), I mentioned that I would take mod requests if any appeared in the forums, so I have taken this request, and used the model and textures you have provided to create a drivable vehicle in the game.

    This is my first (of hopefuly many) request mod

    You can buy the 1967 Shelby GT500 from Gil in level 6 for 700 coins, or use a 100% save to unlock immediately.

    It is decompilable, so you can make any changes. Right now, the parameters are exactly the same as Snake's Bandit, so I suggest you change them to something you deem suitable.

    Known bugs that would be difficult to fix:
    Wheels dont turn
    Driver in odd position


    If anyone wants me to make anything else, whether it be a car, mission, or almost any kind of mod you can think of, just make a request in the forums under the "Mod Requests" section. I, or one of the other modders should get back to you at some point. It makes it a lot easier for us if you can provide some resources, like how Dark Blu Inkling did here.
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