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Hi there, I make stuff for Donut Team.
  • Loren replied to lobby any
    I deleted your second thread. Please do not spam the forum with duplicate topics.

    Also, I recommend trying to coordinate a SHAR MP game in the Discord.
  • Loren voted on mazexz's reply to: how to use multiplayer ?
    There are a bunch of steps you have to do in order to get to play multiplayer. You can find more information on this page.
  • Loren replied to Running The Simpsons: Hit & Run and the launcher on the Steam Deck
    Enable Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs to use the start button as normal.
  • Loren voted on Slurm Team's topic: Futurama: Hit & Run - Demo - Trailer 2
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  • Loren replied to Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha: Feedback & Suggestions [Alpha Update 2 Live]
    I will hopefully implement page views sooner rather than later.

    Page view tracking is now live. Of course, there will be some weird seeming discrepancies with views being less than many download counts but that'll work itself out over time.

    Edit: Btw, you can also sort by view count.
  • Loren replied to Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha: Feedback & Suggestions [Alpha Update 2 Live]
    Will we be able to filter releases by an author? (preferably by clicking on an author's name in MB, maybe have the forum redirect show up as a separate button near the username)

    I intend to have this as a feature somehow. I'm not sure if it'll be part of Mod Bakery or just the new user/team profiles I intend to launch sometime in the near future. Maybe a quick implementation of the former until the latter is actually live.

    Will we get ModBakery button in the quick drawer?

    @jake2 just helped me shim this in real quick.

    Will we have likes/dislikes or maybe even 5 star reviews for releases (Preferably with an option for it to be anonymous)?

    I intend there to be user reviews eventually, similar to those on Steam.

    If above is true will we get an easy way to see a list of our own reviews and downloads? (Preferably with an option to set it private or public)

    Probably somehow, yes

    Will we have a way to report submissions? (preferrably with anonymous option, but still require a DT account)

    Probably eventually, yes.

    Will we have release page views analytics? Similarly to downloads, just for page views (and a sort option)

    I will hopefully implement page views sooner rather than later.

    Since files will be hosted on modbakery page itself, will there be any limit to releases file size?

    I don't currently have a concrete answer for this but I hope we'll be able to accommodate anything any creator would want to do within reason.

    Have you considered analyzing submitted lmlm files to gather necessary release metadata? (icons, descriptions, authors, version, multiplayer support, etc.) I imagine it would be just a prompt before uploading the mod and just fills out the upload form. Would that work for non-decompilable mods?

    I'd like to do this for adding new releases for sure. And yeah, we could totally make it support any LMLM file since it'd just be code on the backend anyway.
  • Loren replied to Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha: Feedback & Suggestions [Alpha Update 2 Live]
    I pushed a couple updates to address a couple of @Weasel on a Stick 's suggestions already:

    • You can now sort by "Original Release Date".
    • The "release type" and "release category" dropdowns are now combined. After some additional consideration, I thought of an easy and not-super-hacky way to combine

    There will probably be a formal changelog next Tuesday that documents all of the changes made from now until then.

    Make each section of DT tell the search what you're searching.

    That's a good idea I didn't think of, thanks for the input, Jake.

    Loren could make it so releases can mark themselves as children to other releases. He could mark it so the base release supports "forked" releases and then the child release can mark itself as a "fork" of the base release. Not sure if this is the route they'd go.

    I'll also spend some time thinking about this since I think this would be a good system to have.
  • Loren replied to Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha: Feedback & Suggestions [Alpha Update 2 Live]
    @Josh / Proddy already covered a bunch of these well enough so I'll just add additional input where I have it:

    I hope this ModBakery won't be overwhelming/confusing for new SHAR modders and that it won't make forums obselete.

    I don't think it will make the forums obsolete as it's not really a discussion platform (though, something I'd like to implement in the future is reviews).

    Something I am considering is a "Discussions" tab or something that houses forum threads related to a particular release, perhaps having a way here on the forum to associate topics with a specific release and prominently showing it somewhere when such an association exists.

    Will we be able to sort releases by release/update date?

    Sorting by update date already exists but I'll look into adding the ability to sort by original release dates as well.

    Can "release type" and "category" filters be merged since release types are already in the categories dropdown?

    I'll consider it though they're currently separate because technically a category can contain multiple types of releases (IE, the "Special Categories"), just none do at the moment.

    At the very least, it should probably filter the categories dropdown when you choose a type so you can't do weird filters that will never bring anything up (IE: "Mods" in the "GUI Tools" category). This is just tricky to do so I haven't bothered yet.

    Will we be able to edit pages for our own mods/tools that were migrated by DT

    Yes, authors will be able to edit their own releases, even the ones that exist right now, when the interfaces are available for that since they belong to their respective authors in the database.

    Will we be able to create "releases" marked as "coming soon"?

    When the interfaces are available, yes, you will be able to have pages for mods and what not that are not available yet as long as you actually have something to show for it (probably some kind of basic approval process to releases in general).

    Can SMHR get its own page too? I swear it's not cancelled

    I'll message you on Discord about this!

    Will we be able to change the background of the ModBakery page? Maybe have shuffle options or static screenshots/flat colors

    Do you mean as just a general setting or on release pages that belong to you?

    Will that one other Mod Jam #2 submission get added to the ModBakery category?

    I'll also message you on Discord about this.

    Will we be able to search ONLY through mod bakery or will it always just redirect to forum search?

    I'll probably add a Bakery-specific search box to the sidebar above the filters.

    Will ModBakery get its own favicon? (Maybe dt docs too?)

    I do plan for Mod Bakery to, yup, I just haven't done it yet. I'm not sure what we'd do differently for docs though.

    Are all user made mods/tools/add-ons gonna be put on ModBakery eventually? Apart from popular must-play mods I'm also particularly interested in essential tools and add-ons since those are often hard to find even if you know what you're looking for. Releases such as Tay's texture to p3dxml add-on, humble brag #2 Collision editor and Skeleton converter+Animation converter

    That's the goal, we'd like for it to be a centralised place to find everything related to SHAR Modding.

    A couple of those things, namely your other blender addons, I'll also message you on Discord about to get them manually added sooner rather than later.

    Are there any plans on potentially integrating ModBakery and ModLauncher? Maybe add the ability to upload/download mods directly using the launcher?

    Nothing specific at the moment but, as @Josh / Proddy mentioned, it has been brought up and we will discuss it eventually.

    I opened several issues on the internal issue tracker while replying to this so several of these things should be addressed in the near future. :)

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Loren replied to How do I add the Mods tab to my profile?
    Hey there, that link was broken due to an issue with the way the Safety Tunnel handled Location headers. It should work now.
  • Loren replied to How do I add the Mods tab to my profile?
    The system for this is currently pretty crap but you can register your main mods in this system by visiting the legacy site.