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  • xUnknown replied to Where can I find "fast run?"
    ...Sigh, I even hoped CheatEngine would be straightforward, but because I was new to it AND that I expected too much, I gave up already. I feel like asking, can't there be another downloadable cheating program that is actually more for proper cheats, rather than all the complicated bytes, values and numbers? Also I don't need the ENTIRE game to speed up itself, but only the player character. Purely fast sprinting, not CPU or anything like that.

    There probably is a way in Cheat Engine, but you would need to get the players movement speed and alter it.
  • xUnknown replied to Is Donut Team still active?
    Hi @AshleyGamer1995,

    I want to apologize that we haven't gotten back to you sooner, but hopefully I can clear somethings up in this.

    I am the only one who replies to support emails. We rely heavily on our forum or Discord for non-essential or less important support because the community can often help while we're away.
    I checked and they ended up going to our spam filter for one reason or another; which is why we never saw them. We rarely look in our spam filter for false positives because of the mass amounts of spam we receive.

    In terms of Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Tweak: We do not officially support, release or maintain Lucas' Tweak for various reasons. However, someone has reuploaded it if you insist on having it:

    I'd also like to give clarification to your mod request: - I noticed you replied about no one replying, I'd like to say that the majority of the community aren't interested in fulfilling mod requests. In fact, we have more people playing mods than making them. You can always join the Discord and learn how to make mods yourself. As long as you're willing to learn and are appreciative, people usually will help out in that front.

    In terms of us still being active. The simple answer is yes we are still active.

    But the long answer is that's a difficult question to answer and this probably isn't the correct avenue to officially discuss that, but I'll give some information.

    Since the end of 2019, we've been working at less than half capacity. A lot of staff members have been burned out, working on personal or other projects, or are not simply not as interested as we were when we started this. Before we founded Donut Team, Loren and I were very interested in developing our own video games. However just by luck, we stumbled into creating a modding scene and made amazing friends like @Kenny Giles , @Lucas Cardellini and too many others to name here. When we founded Donut Team, I was 16 and my curiosity in the video game scene drove a lot of interest in The Simpsons: Hit & Run modding. I am now 24 and am more interested in cementing my career, building a life with my partner and fulfilling what I wanted to do before this project. Since about 2016-2017, I've strictly worked on the community website, public relations and other community centric efforts.

    This doesn't mean we don't care about the community or that our projects are done and over with now. We have a lot left we want to finish and a lot left to work on before the curtain drops. I just think we're not all hands on deck currently and I hope in the near future we can find solutions to these things that create this disconnect.

    Jake AndreĂžli
    Community Director

    ...Yeah well, the download for this Tweak on that site WOULD of still worked, if it hadn't been for that error page otherwise. Now, I cannot get the Tweak. How...UNLUCKY for me. :/ -_-

    "Donut Tweak" is an old, legacy application which is not supported anymore. It is recommended by Lucas himself that you do not use it, as it can mess up your install.

    I guess whoever hosted it deleted the file. I'm pretty grateful that I saved it.
  • xUnknown voted on mazexz's reply to: How do I change traffic vehicles?
    Hi, so changing traffic is not that hard. Let's say you'd like to change the traffic for the first level;
    For that, you'll need to go inside scripts/missions/level01.
    There, you will look for the two level files, level.mfk and leveli.mfk. You can edit them with any text editor (eg. Notepad).
    Loading the car models
    First thing you will want to do, is change which cars are being loaded. To do that, you open level.mfk and scroll down until you see // Traffic vehicle models.
    There will be each car that is being loaded.
    // Traffic vehicle models
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\huskA.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\pickupA.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\glastruc.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\schoolbu.p3d" ); // sedanA
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\minivanA.p3d" );
    The loading function (LoadP3DFile) is loading the pure3d model into your game.
    Let's say you want to change the pickup truck with the level 7 hearse. To do that, you will change LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\pickupA.p3d" ); to LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\hallo.p3d" );
    Your code should look like this:
    // Traffic vehicle models
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\huskA.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\hallo.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\glastruc.p3d" );
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\schoolbu.p3d" ); // sedanA
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\minivanA.p3d" );
    If you want to add an additional traffic model, you simply add the following line below the rest:
    LoadP3DFile( "art\cars\X.p3d" );
    X is the filename of your vehicle.
    Creating Traffic groups & Adding traffic models
    Now that you have the models loaded, you will want to make them appear on the traffic.
    The game can handle by default, 5 different traffic car models spawned at once. (you can adjust that with the Custom Traffic Support hack.
    You will open leveli.mfk and scroll down until you see the following code:
    CreateTrafficGroup( 0 );
    AddTrafficModel( "minivanA",2 );
    AddTrafficModel( "glastruc",1,1 );
    AddTrafficModel( "schoolbu",1,1 );
    AddTrafficModel( "pickupA",1 );
    CloseTrafficGroup( );
    You no longer have the model "pickupA" loaded, so you will change that to "hallo", like so
    CreateTrafficGroup( 0 );
    AddTrafficModel( "minivanA",2 );
    AddTrafficModel( "glastruc",1,1 );
    AddTrafficModel( "schoolbu",1,1 );
    AddTrafficModel( "hallo",1 );
    CloseTrafficGroup( );
    You can have multiple traffic groups, but that also needs a hack in order to be configured, which is Custom Trigger Actions
    Now, you're ready to save the file and check it out in-game.
    List of traffic vehicles
    Now, I know the traffic vehicles might seem a little confusing by their name, but I made a list of them to make it easier for you:
    Should always be present
    • huskA - Charred Husk / Exploded vehicle, you'll always need this so the game can load it when a car explodes.
    Level 1 Traffic
    • minivanA - Minivan A
    • glastruc - Krusty Glass Truck
    • schoolbu - Mini School Bus
    • pickupA - Pickup A
    Level 2 Traffic
    • taxiA - Taxi A
    • sedanB - Sedan B
    • sportsA - Sports Car A
    • pizza - Pizza Truck / Van
    Level 3 Traffic
    • compactA - Compact A
    • fishtruc - Fish Truck / Van
    Level 4 Traffic
    • SUVA - SUV A
    • garbage - Garbage Truck
    • nuctruck - Nuclear Waste Truck
    Level 5 Traffic
    • sportsB - Sports Car B
    • ambul - Ambulance
    • votetruc - "Vote Quimby" Truck
    Level 6 Traffic
    • burnsarm - Burns Armored Truck
    • IStruck - Itchy And Scratchy Truck
    Level 7 Traffic
    • coffin - Coffin
    • hallo - Hallo Hearse
    • ship - Ghost Ship
    • witchcar - Witch Broom
    • sedanA - Sedan A
    • wagonA - Wagon A
    • icecream - Icecream Truck
    Hope this helps!
  • xUnknown replied to Ultimate Level 7 Restoration (UL7R)
    You can always decompile it and add it to the meta.ini Ashley
  • xUnknown replied to "Gran Turismo" car pack for SHAR?
    Why not give it a go? Many of these car models are avaliable online from sites such as Sketchup Warehouse or online forums, and its not too tricky to port over a car, and you will learn some new skills too :)
  • xUnknown replied to Grand Theft Simpsons Row... For lack of a better title
    If this is even possible, it sounds awesome... be cool to have interiors for the houses as well. nice writeup.
  • xUnknown voted on mazexz's topic: Thanks but no thanks
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    Thanks but no thanks
    mazexz made this topic 1 year ago
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  • xUnknown voted on Trainman84's reply to: My rant.
    I consider my work in restoring antique model trains to be an art form, and construction of a suitable railroad layout using tools and materials available in the 1940s to be an art form as well. Call it 'Mixed media on plywood'. When I was a bit younger I too got jealous of people who got far more attention than me, there are guys on Youtube with these awful click-bait titles like "Antique train from the 1980s can it run again" or something equally dumb, and the comment sections have viewers fawning over this junk, and the work done is, to put it blunt, sub-par.

    I realized something though, some years back. Art is not a contest, whatever the media. Be it painting, sculpting, digital, or my trains, or whatever, it is not a competition. No prizes for most viewers or fans. My work is done for my satisfaction, and the restortaions I do for others, it is for their satisfaction and enjoyment, my enjoyment is secondary in that case. Heck, ever see the Latin phrase displayed at the beginning of MGM films when the lion roars? Ars Gratia Artis. Translates into art for art's sake. Good words to keep in mind. Yes we create so others may enjoy (And this applies just as much to anything created in mods here as it does any form of art) but in the end, we create because we want to. If you're happy with what you have created, if you enjoyed the time spent creating, then that is the most important thing.
  • xUnknown voted on Freelancer_T_O_T's topic: Grand Theft Simpsons Row... For lack of a better title
  • xUnknown replied to Operation: Think of the Children 2 - [v2.0.0]
    awesome work as per usual a++++++++++ 11/10 class mod