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    Wicked. awesome if u could have a place to go in game and change ur parts like in GTA 5
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    Sunday Run
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    Dynamic Tuning
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    Deadnaming is when you refer to a trans person by the name they went by before transitioning.

    It can be incredibly painful for a trans person to remember the part of their life when they couldn't outwardly express themselves as they felt on the inside, it can feel as if any progress you've made since that previous part of your life has been suddenly invalidated simply by hearing or reading the name. It can hurt to even know that people know your deadname, even if you know they'd never use it. Knowing people even have that mental connection when it comes to your deadname can be a horrible feeling.

    It may not directly put the community at risk, but it's incredibly hurtful to many members of the community who either know firsthand how it feels to experience that, or to members who have trans friends or family members who've seen the toll it can take. Thank you for asking, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
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    I'm gonna add my 2 cents into this conversation. I actually really appreciate that this was handled publicly because this was an unknown issue for some/most and with it being handled how it was, a post was made talking about the issue and warning users not to do it in the future. It also educates others on the issue which is important. Stuff did get out of hand but I feel that the moderation team did a good job in not instigating anything and only took action where it was needed.

    Mavis did get included because the discussion was about her. She got deadnamed and had a right to join and see what was going on.

    Regardless I think how the moderators handled the situation was quite well, with it being public people know to follow the rule now and why it is such an issue. It's a moderator's job to make sure this community is safe and welcoming for everyone, regardless if you believe in it or not, they did their job by protecting Mavis and all other people who may get deadnamed.

    In the future I hope they keep it up, I want this community to be a safe place for all and it's getting much better as time goes on.
  • xUnknown replied to How do i recolor the UI?
    You would need to export all the hud elements and recolour them blue. This can be done by changing the hue of the image . With the hud icons, you only need to change the yellow ring surrounding the car/character/location. This will take a while, but theres probably a way to do it automatically with scripts and stuff.
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    To add to this, deadnaming is a serious issue. Simply making the effort to use someone's name and avoiding a deadname can literally save people, so please, in the future refrain from using a deadname when referring to any trans person. It might not seem like a big deal, but from experience with friends, it isn't just an "old name", it's an identity they had to fake for years, and saying it can throw away their progress. Trans rights are human rights! We should have DMd the person in question, but we should also remember that this is a simple message edit. If you have issues with this, then you may need to rethink how you view the world.
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    mavis is neat
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    Hey Thanks for getting back to me on discord, I understand now that you have to use an upscaling program and potentially use custom images for the icons.