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Futurama: Hit & Run - STATUS UPDATE #01 OUT
Sun_Sigil replied to Will's topic 1 month ago
Futurama: Hit & Run is a total conversion mod for The Simpsons: Hit & Run aiming to replicate the gameplay of Hit & Run in the world of Futurama, with all fully from scratch 3D models, built from the ground up like it was an intended expansion pack for the game.
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Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)
AshleyGamer1995 replied to Colou's topic 1 month ago
A fully combined map has been one of the most requested Hit & Run mods for nearly a decade, and thanks to some recent improvements with map editing tools and the release of P3DXML, it is now finally possible!
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Annoy Squidward - 2.02 Update!
Lucaws replied to Nightbane's topic 3 weeks ago
Annoy Squidward is a mod that follows the story of Bikini Bottom, one level at a time. Drive around a retextured and remodeled Springfield and play as everyone's favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters!
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Pickle Mod - Rick & Morty: Hit & Run (1.1.3) + Lite version
brony247 replied to JoshuaL2153's topic 2 weeks ago
"Boom! Big reveal! I'm a Simpson! What do you think about that? I turned myself into a Simpson! W-w-what are you just staring at me for, bro, I turned myself into a Simpson, Morty. I'm Simpsons Rick!" - Rick Sanchez, probably.
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Steamed Hams: The Mod
frostgamer777 replied to Nightbane's topic 2 months ago
Updated: Added decompiled version, the original wasn't decompilable, so I did it for you!
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Project: Hit And Run Remake
DonutMunch replied to NukedApple's topic 2 weeks ago
"Project: remake", the goal is to recreate the entirety of the simpson's hit and run but with more modern improvements.
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Storm Over Springfield - Version 1.06
Colou replied to their own topic 4 months ago
A storm is coming to Springfield and Homer, being the responsible father, has to prepare the family for what awaits them...
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SkeleTown: The Adventures of Skelly the Skeleton (1.2)
Kandi replied to Nightbane's topic 9 months ago
SkeleTown is the town of horror, the town where ghouls and creeps live happily ever after! Step inside, if you dare!
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Cops: In Springfield (1.1)
youb92 replied to Colou's topic 5 months ago
It's a race to get Fat Tony behind bars after thousands of dollars are stolen from the Police Station.
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The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake)
Someone replied to Korylon's topic 3 months ago
I don't know how to speak English so I proceed to use a web translator and I hope you can understand everything, thank you very much.
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Roofed Family Sedan (Donut Mod Version)
Loren replied to their own topic 1 year ago
This mod replaces Radical's original model for the Family Sedan with the roofed version seen in Donut Mod 4.
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Merry F'ing Christmas! [V1.2 The Street Race Update!] (Holiday Creator Contest Entry)
SPSimpsonsFan0312 replied to The Hell Inspector's topic 7 months ago
The first ever South Park themed mod is here, and It's Christmas Themed.
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Thanks for (nearly) 7 years of modding!
JoseJuanJuanchoChi... replied to [deleted user]'s topic 1 year ago
Just wanted to make a small appreciation post for everyone in the community that's helped us get this far. It's been almost 7 years since Project Donut, the first large scale mod for The Simpsons Hit and Run, was started, and in those years its successor, Donut Mod, and we as a community have come a...
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Multi-Meme v1.4 - Release
Someone replied to Nightbane's topic 5 months ago
UPDATE v1.4: Over 180 new characters, 7 new vehicles, more areas to explore above ground, and David Hasselhoff. 'Nuff said.
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Fully Connected Map - Night Variant (1.5) (Important Major Bug Fixes)
Sparrow replied to their own topic 6 days ago
Major Update: Please backup any files from this mod in your mod and work on replacing them as major bugs have now been removed that you definitely don't want in your mod!
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