Now Available - Road Rage Returns 1.0.2

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We're now live with Road Rage Returns 1.0.2. This update fixes a crash, adds several more updates to the frontend, fixes some minor oversights,

Changelogs are available below and we can't wait to hear your feedback on this update.

Download "Road Rage Returns"
You can continue using Road Rage Returns Music 1.0.1 with this new update as nothing has changed in that mod.

Road Rage Returns Changelog


  • Changed some more strings to have consistent casing.
  • Changed the postcard selection frame.
Main Menu
  • Fixed an oversight where the original collector cards would appear on this menu.
  • Seperated the font used for timers from the rest of the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where "Skip this mission" would display in inappropriate places.
  • Increased the width of the mission objective text on the pause menu.
  • Increased the width of the mission title on the mission loading screen.
  • Fixed the damage meter background to be the correct size.
  • Fixed the cost to fix text overlapping in the phonebooth.
  • Updated more frontend sprites such including most of the letters.

Rewards / Cars

  • Fixed the Book Burning Van's damaged icon to be named correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Red Brick could have a windshield in some cases.
  • Adjusted the shadow of the traffic compact car.
  • Set the Wasp and Gag totals for Levels 2 to 7 to 0.


Evergreen Terrace
  • New collision on the open classroom in the school (you can now go inside).
  • Added a wrench to the sewer pipe tunnel.
  • Added a wrench behind some houses near the Simpsons house.
  • Added a wrench by an apartment building on the grocery store side of town.
  • Added a wrench in an alley way by the grocery store.
  • Added a wrench behind the Krusty Burger.
  • Added a wrench across the street from the Retirement Castle.
  • Various map "upgrades".


Level 1 Mission 4: A Bump in the Daylight
  • Worked around the power plant ambiance that would play when selecting this mission from mission select..


  • Added collision sounds from Road Rage.
I love that you guys are very quick to update some of the smallest problems with this mod, it shows you very passionate about your work and only want to produce the best content. I do like this update, though the bug where walking up to breakable objects will cause them to break still seems to exsist. I have no idea why it happens but it is kind of weird, I don't even know if it is fixable because of possible engine limitations. But anyways thanks for these very quick updates, I really like the custom collision sounds and the ability to now enter the school class room.
"though the bug where walking up to breakable objects will cause them to break still seems to exsist."
We're unable to fix that at this time because we're not exactly sure why it's happening. We don't know enough about Dyna Phys objects at the moment. It's possible we can't fix it in this game but we don't know enough to say for sure either way.
Last time I played the mod, the Clown Car's horn doesn't loop. Perhaps making the horn loop like it does in Road Rage (and my mod).
When I played the mod i noticed something weird. when i activate certain cheats (e.g. one hit explodes cars, no top speed, etc.) the mod crashes and makes simpsons hit and run stop working which is weird because these cheats worked in regular simpsons hit and run mode. i am not sure what causes cheats to not work as reliable when using this mod. if anyone can answer why this happens with this mod would be really appreciated.
While recording the mod for a Let's Play, I noticed that during mission 6, some of the objective markers for Take The Children Home are invisible.
They still show up on the radar, but it was confusing as hell for me until I figured out the problem.
Please do the other 5 Worlds of Road Rage too that would be so great your work is brilliant
What about that NOTHING TO SEE HERE?
Level 2 will be reachable from where now is the trash that locks the road?
That would be cool
Someone remember that The road rage radar was looking different than the mod's radar?