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Hey everyone, I thought I'd share some information regarding the next release to Donut Mod. We announced it for early July and we're sticking to the July release schedule. We'll have more information regarding that very soon. It will feature many new things, but I won't spoil much.

One. We're no longer doing episodic releases. Donut Mod will from here on out contain update names. Each release will contain whatever we feel is good enough for the release. So The Seaside Update is what we believe is the best experience we can deliver to you for level 3, and that was our main focus. In the future, we will be releasing more updates such as The Nuclear Update and other awesome content. Though, we'll discuss those at a later date.

Two. Your save files from Donut Mod: Episode 1 (Which is now just known as Donut Mod) will continue to work properly with the new release. You may have to rebeat level 2 mission 7 to continue on to the new level. Though once done, you can enjoy the new content we've added to level 3.

Three. We don't have a specific release because it's all still in development. We're trying our hardest to finish what we need to get done. But in order for us to do that, we need patience from you. Donut Mod: The Seaside Update has taken so long because of other projects and personal drama that we've all faced. We believe that we have put our best efforts forth. It's a free mod to The Simpsons: Hit & Run, so please don't be disappointed if you find the content we provide to be not enough to what you expect. We're putting out high quality mods with the player in best interest. We're not going to rush through things like we previously had, and we will take time if needed.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions regarding the next release that I didn't cover here, feel free to ask.

Jake Andreoli
Co-Founder of Donut Team