Announcement: Donut Mod 4: The Conspiracy Update

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The Release

When will Donut Mod 4 be released?

Summer 2017. We’ll have an official date as we get closer.

Why version 4?

While this update is not a complete rewrite of the mod’s code, there are significant changes made to each level that make the experience feel new to veteran Donut Mod players.

Who is the voice at the end of the teaser trailer?

You’ll find out in due time.

What will this update include?

  • A brand new map for Level 4: The Industrial Zone.
  • 11+ New Missions, some featuring new objective types.
  • 1 New Difficulty: Nuclear Hellfish.
  • 20+ New Costumes, 5 for each playable character as well as some new outfits for NPC characters.
  • 4 New Bonus Cars, all based on cars from The Simpsons.
  • A new high definition HUD because this is 2017.
  • New characters making appearances such as Sideshow Bob.

Will my old saves be compatible?

No, so much has changed that you’ll need to restart or download a save provided by us that has the first 3 levels completed. We apologise for this inconvenience.

What's new and changed?

What changes are being made to the previous 3 levels?

The missions will stay mostly the same on Normal and Hellfish with a few exceptions. These missions will also receive the new difficulty, Nuclear Hellfish.

These levels will also get all new bonus cars.

What kind of fashionable new swag can I expect the characters to wear?

During last year’s status updates, we already showed a few of the new costumes you can expect to see in the newest update.

Here’s just a few of the new outfits you can expect:

Homer - Work Shirt, now with a tie and ID badge!

Homer - Pie Man

Bart - Attic Clothes

Bart - Cupcake Kid

And now, a never before seen costume: Lisa - Pirate

What isn't returning?

While almost everything in older versions of Donut Mod is returning, support for Donut Mod themes is being removed in this release.

Development of these themes became notably more complicated with the introduction of the brand new map. These themes also clash with the timing of parts of the story. For these reasons, we’ve decided to drop theme support from the mod.

Nuclear Hellfish

What is Nuclear Hellfish?

This new difficulty is absolutely insane and not recommended for new players! On this difficulty, you can expect to see canonity and logic out the window for the sake of pure, insane challenge.
The missions you will experience on this difficulty are similar to their Hellfish counterparts but with particularly insane challenges sprinkled in to mix things up.

What sort of insane challenges are being added with Nuclear Hellfish?

  • All timers are so strict that cheat keys won’t save you.
  • We added a bunch of things that just make your life hard such as:
    • You want to collect coins in certain missions? Nah, you failed.
    • Need a wrench? Sorry, they’re disabled for this stage!
    • Cars and costumes are all 1.5x the price.
    • Cops really don’t like you right now.
    • Remember that stage that you all had to do is drive to the Kwik-E-Mart? Forced 5 Car Hit & Run.

Celebratory Wallpapers

To celebrate this massive release, we put together a quick compilation of the logos over the last few years into wallpaper form.

Will you be doing level 4 in this Donut Mod ???
Read the thread/watch the trailer if you seriously don't know yet.
Wow looks great :D
STILL no Deathfish difficulty?!
Sooo much potential, you guys!
So much hype!
cant wait for the update!
Maybe they replaced Deathfish with Nuclear Hellfish but it is the same difficulty.

I cannot wait for the update, i think i will write a review.

Hey, why is the Ice cream Truck near the phone booth? There will be new unlockable cars in the older levels too?

I am asking only because they said that there will be new BONUS cars but not unlockable cars.

Is Li'l Lightnin' new in this update, or an unlockable I missed before?
EDIT: Based on YDT's reaction, I'll assume it's new.