[Mod Launcher] Shortcut Command to launch SH&R directly skipping the launcher UI

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Hello, I'm in love with this community and your contributions, you truly revived my love for this game.
I was wondering... In Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher
is there a Shortcut Command/Feature to launch SH&R directly?... skipping the launcher UI
Once I set up my mods and resolution I want to be able to click straight to the game, since I'm using a frontend without a mouse & Keyboard, it's sort of a hazzle having to launch the launcher with the controller UI in Launchbox then stand up and move the mouse to the Launch Button.
Thank you very much, I hope there is such a thing :)
You must have been reading my mind!? Not only was I going to post this tonight, but also mention it was for LaunchBox! (Truly recommend it for anyone who hasn't go it). But yeah I was thinking along the same lines as the .BAT files that is used for the online multiplayer to load up Road Rage but customizing which mods to have in one time, then could shortcut that .BAT file to my game menu on LaunchBox. Then you can simply have list of a mod(s)to load into with one click.
Please don't bump threads for no reason like this; it's against the rules.

To answer the original question, there's no way to do that that I know of. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try to remember to come back and post if something comes up!
Hey everyone,

I've added this as a feature request and responded to your email privately PSI_MIKE.

If more people would like to see this as a feature, let us know and your reasons why. Also, give ways you'd like to see it implemented so we can best fit the needs of the community.

Jake AndreĂžli
Yeah I reckon a shortcut to bypass the launcher would be cool
How do you mean the best way to be implemented? If it's what i think you mean, having a similar UI to the mod launcher with a list of the mods to then tick off the combination of compatible mods to work together to then generate a BAT type file with everything in the same directory.

Also a quick side question, is the idea possible to create a native trainer type mod for SHAR. Like the one in GTA V?
Shortcuts are always great c:
I would love to see this as well so I could launch SHAR in Steam Big Picture mode. I feel like adding a command line argument would be the most straight forward. e.g. launcher.exe /silent. I know steam lets you specify args like that.
You could use the command line argument "-launch" to launch the last mods you were using.