DM 4 news???

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I always thought the would have did something more for christmas than simply advertising a mod that isn't their own. I think DM4 is ready after two Years of developement. So, donut team, why don't you surprise us to show who you really are?
Well if thats the case you have ruined the surprise.

EDIT: Also this is not the first community mod to be advertised on events like this. And a previous version of Donut Mod was planned to be released at Christmas but got released later because they needed more time on it. Most of us have seen the progress on Donut Mod and I wouldnt be surprised if they had to postpone it for a while. I would actually prefer them to release it next year. At least they would have time to get it finished.
Bit rude. I wouldn't rush them. Would you prefer a polished, completely finished version of DM4 or would you prefer to just have some rush job? Donut Mod isn't just something they can throw out, it is legitimately something I think that is impressive as hell, considering it took me near enough 2 months to make the mod you don't seem to be pleased with because it isn't theirs'.

In all honesty, I have a completely new respect for these guys. Modding is so difficult and seeing them make an entirely new map, with new types of objectives and generally huge things, I'm not surprised it took so long. Hell, I'd wait another year if it meant we'd get the best DM4 they could possibly make.

I think DM4 is ready after two Years of developement

Believe me, I very much doubt this. Have some patience and just enjoy the Christmas season.
Firstly, if you where on the Donut Team discord server you would receive something like news.
Secondly, there are MANY community mods to choose from.
Thirdly, this is basically volunteer work, as they don't make mods for a living.

Donut Mod is NOT the only high quality mod to play. ACiS is coming soon, and there are plenty of mods that go overlooked such as Skinner's Odyssey, Flander's Nightmare Vacation, etc. How about give some community mods some love.
I agree with Sparrow. It's a good idea to wait a bit more. Because quality work takes time. I'm also not that surprised about why it takes so long, given how many cool things they're doing.

That said, I also agree with just enjoying the Christmas season and being patient for DM4.

Oh, and I'll consider testing out more mods. : )
I'm locking this thread since it really serves no purpose. In the future, Sans47, please don't pester the team about releases. We understand that Donut Mod 4 has been taking a long time, but it simply isn't ready for release right now and there's not much that can be done about it within the next few days.

Best, and have a happy holiday!
Sans47 and to the rest of the community who share similar thoughts,

I always thought the would have did something more for christmas than simply advertising a mod that isn't their own.

Christmas and the holiday season is a time of giving, sharing and positivity. Sparrow has been working incredibly hard on her amazing Christmas mod, and we wanted to share it. It's a beautifully crafted mod that she poured a lot of time into and it really shows off when playing or watching it. We felt that the mod was something that more people should see, so we decided to show it off on our website under the "Community Spotlight" banner. We've done this in the past, most notably highlighting Late Night at the Kwik-E-Mart, Yellow Shift and The Odyssey of Springfield in The Summer Road Trip event.

We hope you enjoy Sparrow's mod and continue to support other mod creators as our community evolves.

I think DM4 is ready after two Years of developement.

Donut Mod 4 is being developed by a few really smart and talented guys.

It's been a project the team has worked on for ages now because of various advancements:
- Custom characters
- Custom maps, which by the way: Takes a VERY long time to develop. Between developing the tools that build the map and the map itself, it's hundreds and hundreds of man hours put into carefully crafting something genius.
- Custom objective types

The project has took various turns, changes and right now I think the team is on to something great. I fully support them and however long it takes to build out. They will show off and tell more when they're ready, and as it stands, I'm not sure when that will be.

The guys are working their hardest to make a very special and complete a passion project. I repeat "passion project", meaning we have not earned any money or profited on this in the slightest.

In fact quite the opposite:
- Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Multiplayer has cost us nearly $40 USD
- Hosting our website costs us money each year, ranging from $12 USD - $60 USD.
- Lucas provides us with hosting for our website, which he pays for each month.
- We've spent hundreds of dollars on tools we use to develop Donut Mod and things to maintain it such as GitHub and Dropbox.
- Hundreds of man hours we took off from our actual jobs to work on things related to modding/donut mod.

The Donut Mod team is working hard and we can't wait to show more.


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I've unlocked this thread as I feel we haven't responded officially to Sans47's complaint, so I will air it publicly. Unless the conversation becomes spam, attacking or insulting, I'm going to leave it unlocked; though I understand your rational for the initial lock Max and appreciate it.