PSA: Stop double posting and start editing your posts

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This is a Public Service Announcement from the Donut Team staff. Recently we've seen an ever-growing amount of spam on our forum and our community base. We understand that everyone has questions and we're extremely happy to answer them. But we're very sick of the double and sometimes triple double posting. It's annoying, and frankly frustrating. Please review the rules.

So here's what's gonna happen; we're starting to crack down on people who double post. From now on, if you double post we will merge your replies and then issue this warning on the thread. Here is an example:
If a user continues to double post, we will ultimately have to ban them temporarily.

What's next?
In a week or two, we will be updating the forum to support many new things including private messaging, post revisions, and a new system called the "Donut Warning System" or "DWS" for short.  The DWS is going to be a way for staff to mark a user as someone who has violated our rules. This violation will show up on their profile forever; similar to Valve's VAC bans on Steam. We will also be stepping up warnings. We will have more information in the coming weeks.