CONTEST - Submit one tough vehicle for my Metal & Scrap Coliseum map!

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Not to be confused with my other post regarding mod advertisements:

Look at that poor untextured Plow King down there. If only it could fight something other than a pink Fire Truck every time...

Actually, the real problem is that the vehicles for some of my planned challenges in my mod were just too puny. I'd tell you why I didn't just switch them with some of the bigger ones SHAR already has, but I don't want to spoil everything. Maybe YOU could contribute to the challenges and submit new victims vehicles.

Just so I can get a good idea of how big your vehicle is, please submit only an image of the vehicle in a level. Winners will be DM'd by me requesting your P3D file. But since I have a long way to go before I'll start deciding the winners, NO ONE'S GONNA WIN YET.


  • You may only submit ONE of your vehicles and/or ONE of someone else's.
  • The vehicle has to be made by you, or you must have permission to submit someone else's vehicle. (Both of you will be credited.)
  • The vehicle must resemble a land vehicle. (Bad examples: The drivable boat from Donut Mod 3 before it was removed, the Planet Express Ship, and my Roadrunner car.)
  • The vehicle needs to be big! Maybe not too big. (If the vehicle is too small, the challenges they will appear in won't be as thrilling. If it's too big, players may have trouble traversing the arena, and the vehicle may get stuck too easily.)
  • The vehicle can be a reskin of an existing one in the game as long as it's not just a color swap. (Maybe you'd like to add skulls to Bart's car and make it bigger. Go right ahead.)
  • The intention of the vehicle shouldn't be to humor everyone because of how stupid it looks. (Bad examples: Jake's Example Car and again, my Roadrunner car.)
  • If your vehicle is not based off of The Simpsons, the vehicle must not come from the same series someone else's vehicle came from. I don't want this mod to be cluttered with so many Spongebob vehicles.

Someone's going to find a loophole just like on my other post...

Sizes I will accept

No offense to Donut Team.

So many opportunities... but only up to SIX vehicles will win. Maybe even SEVEN if one vehicle looks way more intimidating than mine. So you better hope everyone's on your side and upvoting your submissions.


  • UPDATED Players MAY be able to drive your vehicle.
Yo I'm definetly doing this tomorrow morning and I'm going to try convince MorganVain to contribute too because he has some awesome demolition cars.
Thought I might as well submit this thing:

Made it quite a while ago now, handles like s***. Sounds perfect.
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Here's one of my first custom cars I made in 2017. It basically drives like Obliterator.
Before I edited the post.

What I meant by "an image of the vehicle in-game," I wanted it to see it in a level. It'll help me better determine how big it is. I know you posted one in the Discord, but I'll end up forgetting how big it is.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, Here's the picture of the car.

Wasn't sure if the size would be acceptable.

Is this still going on?