Hit and Run Split Screen

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Hi just wondering does anyone know if there a split screen mod for simpsons hit and run? And every time i try to play SHAR MP it says cannot connect to donut team is this because I live outside the usa? :)
i dont think theres a split screen mod but i live in australia and multiplayer works fine for me. strange problem i hope someone helps you because i dont know what to do to help you
Don't worry, It doesn't matter where you live, the multiplayer should work. I live in Italy and it works fine. Maybe you have got a wrong port or server name. check that port is set to 7777 and the server is multiplayer.donutteam.com (leave password blank)
thanks for the help guys :)
@BartholomewLu This is not a split-screen, this is just two SHaR instances running on the same computer
There's currently no way to enable split-screen/local multiplayer in SHaR
LAN play would be a nice feature as well.
i know, but it is possible to play local it is necessary that the game to run the control with the game minimized, because when I click outside the window it loses access to the control, How do you do that?
I wish there was somebody who made a split screen mod