Football/Soccer Stadium Custom Map

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So a while back I made a custom football prop, and at the time I said that it would be cool if I made a custom map to go along with it. And now, 5 months later, here we are!


  • Custom-made stadium map with full collision - minus OOB stuff
  • Modified football prop, so you can actually play football in the map
  • New 'Referee Homer' outfit



  • 1.01
    • Added an internal name because I forgot to.
  • 1.0
    • Initial release

Hey! I was born/built in that city.
Nice, would go good with multiplayer.
Could you improve it so that the ball does not go away? Please. In everything else the mod is very good
This Mod is Giving me some Rocket League Vibes, and I love it
I know this is old but how do you edited the stadium??