Mission Builder

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Alright I admit the tools we have already are pretty cool but as I see it, Modding the game is pretty difficult I decompiled one of Thomas Donofri's mods and looked into the missions folder and lemme just say, it looked like gibberish like Bart had way to much of that mutated cola...
so yeah I suggest we have a Mission Builder meaning for items you could upload a P3d and it would show a modeled preview maybe? Anyways, this is just an Idea I know the main focus right now is DM4 & The Map Builder so possibly a thing you wanna take into consideration?
I doubt it's possible. Besides, what's wrong with trying to learn how to code missions normally?
Yeah, missions are simply if you under stand their scheme, but a mission builder would be good, mostly for less good modders.
There's been plenty of requests, but I doubt DT's ever gonna create something like that. You see, after a couple of days of practice, you'll get used to what happens in the scripts, and then you can write missions with ease
"... but a mission builder would be good, mostly for less good modders"

Yes, but the "less good modders" in question can become good at creating mods by reading the tutorials, etc and looking at the game files. If someone needs a mod builder that desperately, then chances are that they can't be bothered to learn how to script them.
Well Gordon, One of the links you included (The first one) had a user created one by xUnknown:
Man, the code's not that complicated. I learnt the basic gist of it in a day, and with enough practice, I can write a mission with my eyes closed. Everything's very straightforward, and if you go looking, you'll find you learnt it on your own. Don't be afraid to experiment.
I know nothing about creating mods, I would love to do it one day but I just can't get it. It's very well people saying it's easy, when to a new comer it all looks very complicated. There have been a few people who have tried to create guides, most of them very long and hard to follow. If only someone would make a video series on it that's easy to follow.
I'm pretty sure that The Butter Apple made a series of tutorial videos.
Yeah, I created this (the MFK IDE) ages ago, its currently in an unfinished state. I still have the source code somewhere, however there are probably better ways to make it in better programming environments such as Java or something, for compatibility with all systems etc, or maybe even a web-based drag and drop program like Scratch is.

Pretty sure someone found evidence of a Donut Team mission creator or something back in the day on the archives or something.