Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 1 Public Beta; Updated June 21st, 2019)

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The Buzz Cola Corporation unveils their plans to open a new factory in Springfield.
The townspeople rejoice as the expansion brings new jobs to their humble town.
However, there is something with darker intentions lurking.
It is brewing a darker plan for the future.
A conspiracy brewing in Springfield.
And one family is about to be at the heart of it all.

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What is Donut Mod 4?

Donut Mod is a full campaign mod modeled after Hit & Run's original campaign. The main goal is to have a significantly more polished and fleshed out experience.

When completed, the 4th major version will feature all of the following content spanning the first 4 levels of the game:
  • Two difficulty modes.
    • Take it easy with Normal Mode.
    • Amp up the challenge with Hellfish Mode!
  • All new story missions, 29 in total.
  • All new bonus missions, 4 in total.
  • All new challenge missions, 12 in total.
    • These missions replace street races and feature more varied objectives and new hosts.
  • 4 taxi missions.
    • These are a new type of mission that replaces the Wager Races.
    • In these missions, you will play a set of back-to-back passenger delivery objectives to earn money.
    • Each level will have a large set of routes that are randomly chained together based on their start and end points making for thousands of possible combinations.
    • You get individually paid for each passenger delivered as well as a bonus for completing a set.
    • The payments will be increased on Hellfish mode to accommodate the higher difficulty.
  • Modified versions of the original 3 maps.
  • The brand new Industrial Zone map.
  • Dozens of new and modified vehicles.
  • All new outfits for every player character as well as some for NPC characters.
  • 28 new collector cards.
  • 120 wasp cameras.
  • A new high definition HUD.

What's available in the public beta version?

The public beta version includes all of the content in Level 1:
  • Two difficulty modes.
  • 8 new story missions.
  • 1 new bonus mission.
  • 3 new challenge missions.
  • The first taxi mission.
    • 92 routes available in this version.
    • Most routes don't support Hellfish mode in this version and there will be no extra rewards on these routes. There will still be a bonus for completing the shift on Hellfish though so take advantage of that while you can!
  • A modified version of the original Level 1 map.
  • 6 new vehicles.
  • 4 new costumes.
  • 7 new collector cards.
  • 30 wasp cameras.
  • The new high definition HUD.
    • Most of the HUD is complete but some parts are still untouched.

More Videos

Spoiler: Level 4 Gameplay Trailer

Spoiler: Old Level 1 Mission 7 Gameplay Demonstration

Spoiler: Original Teaser Trailer


Download the Donut Mod 4: Level 1 Public Beta on the downloads page.

Version History

Check out the full version history on our documentation site.


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April 1st, 2019, My cousin made a birthday today, you know? It's a prank, right? Do not have a link? right... Loren "Duck" Goodwin?!
The download is here.
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Oh my bad, I managed to mess up that link both times. Give it a go now.
no! here: Link Here!!!
ok Loren, no problem, only level 1? ok Loren ok...
Very nice!
Oh Loren this not is decompiled and I want it so much change the sedan of the homer, how I do for decompile?
This mod is not decompilable.