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can sombody make a fortnite simpsons hit and run mod for me please
Is Fortnite font mod not good enough for you?!?

Also not sure what you mean by fortnite mod. Like what's the contents of this mod you want to be made?
fortnite font just changes the leter and thats dumb im am loking for someone to make a new map like the one from chapter 2 of fortnite but smaller and listen to some of the music packs that they have to make that the driving music, once they do that try to make the vehicles like the shoping cart, the golf cart, the planes and even the battle bus just be creative then make the map the radar from fortnite and make the missions like a one where you have to survive the shoping carts for three minutes and a one where you discover new areas then make the letters english because dont have that versions of the simpsons hit and run and make the leters from fortnite font and send the link to this disscusion
this game is like 80 million years old and its boring im looking for someone to make this mod for me to freshen it up a little and dude just chill
Why did you change your reply? you know the moderators can see what you did previously right?
oh shoot
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And this thread is why we don't allow 9 year olds on the forum.
Come back in 3 years son.