Donut Team Deluxe (Cancelled)

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Did you know it's been 7 years since Donut Team has been around? If not, it doesn't matter because this was turned into an anniversary mod last minute when planning.

'Donut Team Deluxe' (name by Some Bot) is regular SHAR, except we plan to change billboards, cards, and other assets to references to the history of Donut Team, whether it's good, bad or just obscure. We're also including a randomized soundtrack, meaning each playthrough is similar, and hope to add over 100 different tracks (a combination of random memes we found and some related to DT in some way.

Example Of A Billboard:

Leader - Tappie2018
Programmer - GordonCMB
Everything Else - Anyone Who Wants To Contribute

That's right, anyone can contribute anything!
If you've found fitting music, billboard designs or anything else that can contribute to the mod,
DM Tappie2020 #3521 or Gordon CMB #0458 on Discord. And if you have a small mod (cars, costumes, etc.) and you want it to be used, you can also DM us.

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I wonder what's gonna turn out of this mod 🤔
I have a feeling it's going to be good this time.
Nice mod, keep up the good work.
Here's some ideas for other Billboards:

"CMB - The most active modder / Initially known as RBD, changed the acronym in 2016. The human proof of the dict "If you can dream It, you can do It"

"DeepFriedBurger & DHMISFan_1906 - the Hit & Run Historicians / Medium-skilled modders, experts in H&R development history. A huge beta restoration project is in the progress."

"xUnknown - the senior member / Being on Donut Team since its origins, truly a great member, filled with determination community spirit."

"Will Johnson - the Back-in-Action / After being absent for a long time due to a decrease of interest, Will came back in action with some new fantastic projects. Some of his mods are not fully complete, but he's proven to be a great artist, with his ideas being really original overall."

"Thomas Donofri AKA hipporeno - Another senior member / Being in the community for a long time, he was previously known as hipporeno, a huge look into the good ol' days."

Tell me what you think of these ideas. Hope not to be too verbose in the billboards.

PS: Tappie2019, time to change your name.
It's not 2020 in the UK yet. I've still got another 5 and a half hours to go. :)
I've made a logo for my own possible billboard:

Hope you like it! : )
Looks awesome. Definitely gonna use it that.
Donut Team Deluxe has been cancelled due to a lack of motivation.
Could the thread be locked?
So none of our billboards will see the light of day then. If I get permission to show it off here, you'll get to see mine.
I got a response earlier than expected. And I got permission to show this off.