help please i want to play mods

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am looking to play mods like donut mod 4 how can i run it its downloaded , i put it in the mods folder but it doesnt run i also would like to play other mods hope am not making a mistake
i put it in the mods folder but it doesnt run
Can you elaborate?
Also, is your mod launcher executable located next to the Mods folder?
igual yo alguien me ayuda con el mod multi-meme
i downloaded the mods , the logical method was putting them in the mod folder , however it keeps playing the base game not the modded version.
i cant seem to find where or how to run Donut Mod 4: Public Beta, Donut Mod 3 or Other Mods
Did you turn the mods on by clicking on the checkbox next to their name in the mod launcher?
no open lucas mods help
thats the thing they dont show up maybe am just dumb i do come from console
oh thank god it works
alguien me ayuda como poner multi-meme mod para el online