First person mod

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Can anyone do a First Person mod? It may sound Stupid but this mod is for people who still play the original mode of The Simpsons Hit & Run. Or if other members want to use it for their mods. We could only do it if he runs or drives, because I don't think it is possible for mission dialogues and interiors.
I've been trying to get Lucas to make one for years...
I can see a problem with that.
The game is not designed to view some areas including interiors and vehicles (mainly traffic) and because of this, there aren't fully finished. This means that when entering either of these, the first person mode is going to look like s***. Especially when it comes to vehicles. If there was a chance that there was a first person mod. I'm sure everyone would play it non stop for the first couple of days, and then wont touch it again due to the awkwardness of it.
There is unused text in srr2.p3d with a string named "First Person Cam" so it must have been planned.